Very few things are as overwhelming as picking out an engagement ring for a partner. What if they don't like the choice? Will they then say no to the wedding? A person might specify exactly what they like and the partner can still struggle to choose the ring. This is an item that is meant to last forever, so any mistakes are costly.

The following guide is helpful when a person is looking at a collection of engagement rings. The guide will answer important questions and narrow their choices. The one thing a person should not do is pick the ring based on price alone. Other factors play a much larger role in which piece should be selected.

The 4 Cs

Before shopping for an engagement ring, a person must understand the 4 Cs. In addition, they need to determine which C is  most import. The 4 Cs refer to the color, clarity, cut, and carat weight of the diamond. The color is graded on a scale of D to Z. A D grade means the diamond is colorless, while a Z grade means it has a light yellow hue.

Clarity refers to the lack of inclusions and surface irregularities. Flawless means the diamond has no inclusions or irregularities while included means it does. The cut references the diamond's ability to interact with light, and the carat weight refers to its size. Choosing which C is the most important helps narrow the choices.

Establish a Budget

Next, the individual needs to determine their budget. While every person wants their future spouse to have the best, they should not go into overwhelming debt to achieve this goal. Having a budget in place will also help narrow the choices. Furthermore, it can guide the buyer when deciding on the details. For example, the buyer might choose to go down in size when it comes to the diamond so they can upgrade the band choice.

Compare Diamonds Under Different Light Conditions

Diamonds change their appearance based on the available lighting. Keep this in mind when shopping for a diamond, and ask the jeweler to see the gem under various lights. Jewelers tend to use white spotlighting, as this helps to highlight the gem's brilliance and fire. However, most diamonds look dazzling under white spotlighting.

The buyer needs to know how a stone will look under normal lighting conditions during the wearer's daily routine. Have the jeweler bring the diamond outdoors so it can be seen in the sun. Ask to see the diamond under fluorescent lighting and incandescent lighting, as it will appear different under these lighting conditions. Nobody wants to feel as if they have found the perfect gem only to discover it isn't as attractive when exposed to different lighting.

Selecting a Metal for the Band

Metal options for engagement ring bands include yellow and white gold, platinum, sterling silver, and titanium, along with others. Learn about the durability of each metal type, the cost, and which metal is better for different lifestyles. In addition, consider the preference of the wearer. For example, if they commonly wear yellow gold jewelry, choose a yellow gold band. This ensures the ring coordinates with the pieces they already own.

Choosing an engagement ring can be stressful. Knowing what to look for when making this selection helps to reduce stress. As jewelers now offer ready-made and custom engagement rings, a person can find the ideal ring for their significant other in less time than they imagined.