As a pet owner taking care of your cat will ensure the cat is calm and has no health conditions. Cats have playful personalities, adorable faces, and affectionate behavior. In most cases, many people would choose cats as their pets since they make perfect pets. They love to curl up on one's lap, and this helps in creating great companionship and affection.

You must groom, feed and ensure the cat is always healthy. To achieve this, you can get help from a vet. As a pet parent, you need to get the essential supplies, such as cat lotion and clippers, that you will use to groom the cat.  

The following tips will help you have a healthy cat.

Keeping the litter box clean

Just like human beings, cats do not like dirty places. If the litter box is dirty, the cat will find other areas, like the pillow or the carpets. If you are busy, try scooping the dirt in the litter box at least once daily, then clean the box once a week. It would be best to encourage the cat to use the litter box. It is advisable to place the litter box in a quiet spot in the house where the cat will not be disturbed by people, dogs, or even loud noises. If you have many cats, you must provide enough litter boxes for them. 

Have one litter box for each cat. Since cats do not like sudden changes, do not switch the brands of the litter boxes. It would be best to avoid strong-scented litters for your cats as these will scare them away. If you have cats or kittens with special needs, then you should get them low-height boxes and place them in accessible areas within the house. If the cat is avoiding the litter box even if it cleans, you must consult your vet, as these can be a medical issue. 

Provide the cat with a scratching post.

One of the expected behaviors of cats is scratching, and it is normal for cats to scratch. You need to provide them with scratching posts to keep them from scratching woodwork and even furniture in your house. If the cats are scratching, do not declaw the cat to stop that behavior. This will cause some problems in your cat, and in some instances, you may even paralyze the cat hence making the cat unable to walk. The scratching post should be at least three feet high. Ensure the base is stale to ensure it will not wobble when the cat is scratching. The post should also be covered with rough materials such as tree bark, burlap, and even sisal.

Feed the cat

As a pet owner, you must decide how much food you will feed your cat. The vet can help you select a suitable meal for your cat, as some considerations need to be adhered to. Some of the concerns include the cat's age and health condition. There are different varieties of cat food. For instance, we have canned, semi-moist, and dry food. A cat with a medical condition may require only one type of food. You need to consult your vet for any recommendations. Since cats have specific nutritional needs, you must get a good brand of cat food. Cats are obligate carnivores requiring animal protein to avoid severe health issues. You must check for cat food with high chicken, turkey, fish, and beef content. 

Ensure the foods have amino acids like fatty acids, arginine, and taurine. You must consult the vet if you have to feed the cat with some human foods. In some instances, human food can make the cat sick as it can turn out to be toxic to the cats. As a pet parent, you must follow the cat's feeding guide. Cats will feed according to weight, age, and even activity levels. Avoid overfeeding the cat, as obesity is one of the health issues related to cats. Obese cats will develop diabetes once they are in their middle age. Extra weight will also result in heart disease or any other health condition in the cats. 

Grooming the cat

Grooming is essential for the well-being of the cat. You must brush the cat's coat and teeth, trim the nails, and clean the ears. You will be required to touch the cat's skin, depending on its coat type. As a pet parent, you must brush their coats several times weekly. For those with short hair, you can touch them every week. Brushing the cat will help reduce shedding around your house, and it also helps the cat get rid of the dreaded hairballs. Use a comb with fine strands of metal if the has long –hair. The brush gets deep into the undercoat hence eliminating shedding. 

While brushing the cat, you will need to check its skin condition. Identifying skin problems such as unusual redness, lumps, bumps, fleas, and other parasites on the cat becomes much more accessible. If you notice any skin problems, you can notify your vet, who will advise you on what to do. You need to schedule yearly vet visits for your cat. It would help if you made them to the vet for regular medical examinations, which helps keep them healthy. 

Ensure the cat is vaccinated against feline infectious enteritis (FIE) and feline Leukemia virus (FeLV). The disease can kill the cat if it becomes infected. It is advisable to vaccinate the cats to prevent such infections. The vet will advise on the vaccines that are required for your cat.

Bottom line

In conclusion, there are various tips a pet owner can adopt when caring for cats. The above article has illustrated some tips the pet owner can adopt. The above tips are some of the basics a cat requires. A cat will always love you based on the care you give it. It will become your lifetime friend and make you feel happy around you. Always consult your vet if you have any issues regarding your pet. They are professional when it comes to animal care.