After the challenges of 2020 and 2021, travelers are craving genuine hospitality from hotel brands. A top-performing call center that understands your hotel's brand and guests is vital to meeting this need.

A well-performing call center increases your reservations and revenue by converting leads with expert sales strategies, customized training, and effective management. It also reduces agent attrition with targeted coaching and a focused, results-driven strategy.

High-Quality Customer Service

In the current political climate, travelers want genuine hospitality and hands-on reassurance about hotel safety measures. They also value the opportunity to make bookings over the phone. However, front desk staff often cannot dedicate enough time to attend to callers who reach out to book accommodations. That is where hotel call center services come in.

A well-trained hotel call center will help shape a brand's image and increase sales conversions. The right hotel call center will train its agents to become experts in the hotel, showcasing the unique features that set it apart from competitors.

A good hotel call center will ask discovery questions that identify the actual needs of each traveler. Then, the agent can offer relevant packages or upgrades that address those needs. It ensures that the caller is happy with their experience and will likely become an ambassador of the brand. In turn, this increases customer loyalty and overall revenue.


Hotel call center agents are trained to understand your brand and the needs of your guests. They offer a personalized experience to make your customers feel heard and valued. It is the ultimate goal of customer service.

Many hotels are incorporating empathy exercises into their staff training. For example, they may have their staff stay at other hotels and be debriefed on their feelings about the experience. It allows the staff to understand how they can provide a similar experience for their guests.

While it's only sometimes possible to meet every request, most hotel guests appreciate that businesses have rules and financial constraints that must be considered. A top-performing hotel call center can convey this reasonably and respectfully. In turn, this will reduce the number of complaints and negative reviews that your hotel receives. It is the best way to ensure that your guests will return.


Hoteliers often focus on online booking conversions, forgetting that the voice channel is still vital for direct sales. A high-performing hotel call center can drive reservations and create a strong impression of professionalism and courtesy in the guests' minds.

A specialized hotel call center also has the benefit of being focused exclusively on the conversation, whereas on-property agents may be distracted by other guests' needs. It allows them to offer a tailored experience that can increase bookings and customer satisfaction.

Hotel call centers with advanced technology can help reduce AHT by allowing supervisors to quickly redirect calls and instantly access recorded conversations that provide ideal coaching opportunities. It ensures that agents are providing the correct information at the right time to customers and that they are constantly gaining skills and knowledge to improve their performance. Improving employee engagement and productivity can also help reduce attrition and boost morale.


As a hotelier, you know that guest service is your biggest asset. If your guests feel poorly served, they may not return or recommend your property to friends and family. That's why you must focus on providing exceptional service at every touch point; a hotel call center can help.

A professional, specialized call center can provide you with high-performing agents who understand your hotel and its customers. Their training, coaching, and quality assurance efforts are built around your market segment, property type, revenue strategies, and company philosophies.

A top-tier agent can blend seamlessly into your hospitality team and become an asset to your brand. They have the empathy to understand your guests' needs and wants and the ability to convert calls into bookings. And with advanced call conversion reporting, you can see how your agents perform daily. It empowers them and gives them a sense of ownership, increasing their engagement.