Located in one of the most renowned vacation hotspots, the gorgeous gated Cotino Disnery community provides its residents with a stunning range of amenities - from exquisite views, to elegant clubhouses, swimming pools, and modern home designs.

With an array of benefits that make the investment worthwhile, discovering more about the Cotino Disney lifestyle can help ensure that your next real estate move is a decision made confidently.

A Vibrant New Home Community in a Dream Locale

The first thing you'll notice about Cotino is its stunning location. Nestled in Rancho Mirage, just 11 miles southeast of Palm Springs in Riverside County, this community is ideally situated to offer residents a tranquil lifestyle amidst a vibrant, creative environment.

Imagine waking up every morning to see stunning landscapes meticulously curated by Disney's team to create a dreamlike, magical environment. The community is designed to be an oasis of creativity, with various amenities designed to inspire and engage residents.

First Look at Cotino's Neighborhood Parks

Disney has recently revealed what future residents can expect at Cotino, including a first look at the neighborhood parks that will form part of this grand development. These parks are expected to provide recreational spaces for residents to relax, play, and socialize, further enhancing the community feel of Cotino. If you have kids or simply live an active lifestyle, this is definitely a win for you. 

Inside Cotino's Unique Home Designs

The homes in Cotino are designed with the same attention to detail and creativity that Disney applies to its theme parks and renowned resorts. Each home is a testament to the company's commitment to creating unique, engaging environments for its customers in the Cotino Disney community.

These homes are more than just constructed; they are meticulously crafted. Every aspect, from the architectural design, to the interior decor, embodies the unique Disney aesthetic. The outcome is a collection of homes that are not only visually stunning but also highly functional, providing residents with a comfortable living space that is brimming with character.

Disney's First Story living Community

Cotino represents a significant step for Disney. It's the first residential community built by the company, marking its entry into the world of real estate. But this is not just any ordinary residential development. It's a Storytelling community, a concept that combines Disney's storytelling prowess with the functionality of a modern residential community.

The Future of Cotino

The future looks bright for Cotino. With residents expected to move in by 2024, this vibrant new community is set to become a landmark development in Riverside County. As more details are revealed, it's becoming increasingly clear that Cotino is not just a place to live - it's a lifestyle.

Learn More About The Luxurious Lifestyle of the Cotino Disney Community

The Cotino Disney community represents an exciting fusion of imagination, creativity, and luxury living. Whether you're a Disney fan or looking for a unique living experience, Cotino offers an opportunity to be part of a truly unique community.