A former women's jail in Johannesburg has been transformed by South African artist Reshma Chhiba into a 39 foot high red fabric vagina surrounded by black fabric pubic hair. Did we mention that it occasionally screams?

Besides the fact that it's a walk-in vagina house, another reason for the controversy is that it was inspired by the Hindu god Kali. And the followers aren't happy about that. Here's more on what the artist had to say about the exhibition is called “The Two Talking Yonis.”
“It’s a screaming vagina within a space that once contained women and stifled women,” she told AFP. “It’s revolting against this space… mocking this space, by laughing at it.”
But the installation wasn't just set up for controversy's sake. It is also an attempt to get people to think about their bodies differently, especially in a country like South Africa, which has such high rates of rape and sexual assault:
“You don’t often hear men talking about their private parts and feeling disgust or shamed,” as women often do, she said.

“And that alone speaks volumes of how we’ve been brought up to think about our bodies, and what I am saying here is that it’s supposed to be an empowering space.”