It is getting harder to meet people these days. So there's always online dating right? Now there's a new algorithm that will match two people together thanks to Professor Kang Zhao at the University of Iowa.

Matching couples on a dating site is similar to matching users to products people buy on sites. The idea is to match two sets - men and women. Zhao's innovation combines information about tastes and attractiveness. It keeps track of who you are messaging and who is messaging you. Check out the here for some tips. 

If a male user has similar taste and attractiveness to a female, they will be matched and scored similar. If they have similar tastes but attract different groups of the opposite sex, they would have a moderate similarity ranking.

The algorithm will factor in both sides of the messaging coin. Back and forth messaging are taken into account highly on this.

Zhao and his peers tested their hybrid algorithm, incorporating both taste and attractiveness information, on an unnamed popular dating site, and the algorithm managed to do a solid job in recommending potential matches. They believe if these targets are messaged, there's a high chance that they would receive a message back.

Love is getting so programmable.