The research tells that around 45% of men finish things up within two minutes. For healthy men, the time increases to a maximum of six minutes. In this article, you will know about some of the expert tips on how you can increase the time to give sexual satisfaction to your woman.

For most of the works, you need a faster pace to attain a great impression. While some things demand you to give in more of your time, such as your sexual life, getting to the climax soon will leave your women unsatisfied. A long-lasting love-making is the expectation for every woman. 

1. Stick to the lower level of arousal initially

It is a great struggle for men to control their ejaculation. It is possible that they are aroused and they end up ejaculating to meet their satisfaction. The first rule of whole-night sex is to stick to the lowest arousal level. It is all upon you to hold it or give it up. If you stick to this first rule for a longer time, eventually your foreplay and love-making time increases.  

2. Make use of penis ring

According to a recent survey, it tells that men prefer using a vibrating penis ring to last longer. The job of a penis ring is to restrict the blood flow from entering the penis’s shaft. It eventually results in giving a stronger erection. Stronger erection can help you last longer and add more fun-factor to your sex night. You are going to amaze your lady with it.

3. Switch to Meditation

Proper breathing and mindfulness can also help to slow down the ejaculation for men. It is not rocket science but yet you need practice. Go along with meditation once in a day for at least a few minutes. Everyday meditation will eventually give you a desirable result in bed. While you meditate, try and avoid distractions such as phones. Go for some mindful-food habits which also help in better mindfulness.

4. Take Sexual intervals

While in motion, it is self-evident of you to reach the maximum limit of arousal. Do one thing, when you are about to reach for orgasm, take a gap. Cool it down for some time, enjoy the foreplay and then do over again. Repeat taking those intervals till you can take it no more. This will increase the time and will be enjoyable for both of you.

5. Keep training yourself

The only way you can train yourself is to have more sex with your partner. You cannot master the art of lasting longer in just one go. Go on and keep trying as you cannot build six-pack abs in just one day. Another thing which you can train in yourself is to give up masturbation to some extent. Masturbating way too much can result in giving you early orgasm during sex. Train yourself to develop your sexual endurance.

6. Take help of Sex-toys

A little cheating during sex can eventually lead you both to orgasm. If you are failing continuously to control your arousal, then this might be the best option for you. Go for your sexual round, and when you are close to orgasm stop and use vibrating Love Egg instead. Use the vibrator till your lady reaches orgasm and then you can take it back from there. Now you both can cross the finish line and wind it up happily.

7. Foreplay is the key

If you cannot increase the intercourse duration, then work more on foreplay. Foreplay is the most enjoyable part of the whole session. You are eventually warming up and also making your lady go crazy on bed.

8. Empty your gun beforehand

In simple terms, it means to masturbate before you start the love-making session. If you move on to bed without masturbating, then eventually it is a loaded gun. The survey tells that masturbating beforehand increases the intercourse time. The sexual arousal builds slowly for sure, but you can again enjoy the foreplay better.

9. Go for Round two

There are no rules to stop after the first round is over. Wait for few minutes to restrain and then start things again. Women will always be ready for it; it’s you who needs to pick up the pace. You are most likely to experience slow arousal in the second round, which will give better results. You must be patient enough to wait for a few minutes before you can start again.

10. Try and be creative

Your body is acquainted with the common sexual positions, and it mostly finishes sooner. Talk about the sex fantasies of your partner and act accordingly. Try different poses or locations for sex, and it will distract you and help you last for a longer period. If you tend to do the most unfamiliar things in bed, you will eventually give a better output.

11. Ask for a firm grip

It is an alternative tip for using a penis ring. Ask your lady love to hold your penis firmly from the base to make it erect harder.  It will eventually stop you from ejaculating sooner. Make sure she does not bend it in half as it is going to be painful. There are plenty of sex toys available you can to make to her squirt easily.

12. Try perpendicular positions for sex

Perpendicular positions tend to avoid triggering the sensitive areas of your penis. It is more of an outer course love-making. While you do this, ask your lady to glide upon the shaft to stimulate the sexual arousal. It is part of the foreplay but will eventually end up increasing the session during intercourse. It will help you take things real slow.

These are twelve most essential tips which can help you last longer in bed giving you the chance to love your partner the whole night. You do not need to rely upon medications to last longer. It is all on you, and if you can try things on to control your sexual arousal, then you are already in the game.