Having pleasure in life is one of the first desires in any society. Therefore, it would not be strange that one of the oldest professions in the world is presented as a high-level business, generating an exhaustive debate on all its legalities. There are countless taboos that appear when the working tool is one's own body and it is not necessary to look for technological alternatives or studies within educational institutions. 

However, competition and diversity of entertainment and sex options have also evolved over time. This is what helps this branch of the industry to experience a phenomenon of seeking improvements in terms of service and attention from escorts, which go beyond the simple pleasure of sex.

Within the same category of sex professionals, there are different types of services and prices. From the cheapest sex services, sometimes considered express because they are really fast, to the VIP from the most beautiful and complete escorts in Adelaide, everything depends on what is looked for and for what purpose.

In addition, in recent times, the term escort or high-class luxury escorts has become popular. These are recognised as highly reputed professionals, who accompany the interested parties for the most different activities.
The stigma that professionals have carried for being part of this business is eminent. Therefore, Skokka aims to clear up doubts about the world of escorts, which are many: Are escort services more than just sex? Is it a question of classism?

Whatever the answer is, some differences are considered, from the way they apply to all the types of services they usually offer. From the outside, the independent escorts are the traditional escorts for executives and people with a known social status. From up close, it is much more than just having sex and a good time, it is a social etiquette. 

Escorts in society
Escorts can also provide sex. However, unlike a traditional prostitute who usually attracts clients in nightclubs, streets, as well as some hotels and other places to provide sexual services, to hire such special services, people generally look on the Internet or through contacts who already hire these professionals.  

Nowadays, technological tools are an achievement, as it is possible to choose from the image to the profile desired for an encounter. An escort explores aesthetics to seduce men with high purchasing power and even offers services such as virtual sex or companionship, which is highly requested nowadays, in order to give a first taste of what’s to come. 
Plus, escorts are somewhat refined and act as a companion at big social events, for publicly known men who need to show a beautiful woman by their side as a sign that everything is completely perfect within the standards of society.

The price paid to have that is usually high. Besides, many escorts are by choice, which strengthens the idea of female empowerment and allows them to enter any social sphere. Having such a position within the adult business requires knowing how to deal with different social levels, environments, and types of people with whom one has contact and business.
Therefore, being an escort is much more than just having sex. It is a matter of occupying the position of importance next to men who need a good image. Women who decide to offer these services, get used to all the best there is; the finest dresses, the most beautiful accessories, expensive shoes and handbags. The use of intellect in a different way to those who only offer sex.

Luxury and classism
Men of the highest social class, as well as people who live the most diverse luxury experiences, are always looking for the best image. Meanwhile, it is not uncommon to see stunning escorts who offer much more than sex.
Yes, it is for pleasure, in this case, luxury escorts collaborate in a pleasant dispute about who has and can offer more, and who has the most beautiful woman by his side. Besides, an escort, unlike other professionals, usually analyses if it is worth going out with certain clients, and can even reject offers. 
It is the difference between pure need and decision, to do much more than sex, gaining space in new social circles. It is taking part in a luxurious and classy moment, important in a man's social circles. 
Meeting an escort can be an unforgettable experience. The combination of beauty, class and more. After all, power, social status and the most beautiful escorts are a necessary part of some people's lives.