There are many escort agencies available in market. They play the role of an agent between the escorts and the customers. A manager represents the escort agency, who administers the entire setup like maintaining a model database, finding customers, and negotiating the terms. They are also responsible for the financial aspect, privacy, and security of the customer and models alike.

The primary goal a customer hires an escort is companionship, especially while travelling alone on a business trip. Over the last couple of decades, the scenario of hiring an escort has changed. Traditionally they were hired for camaraderie and a listening ear. Today, escort agencies like PanamEscorte have models that offer services beyond just companionship. 

Types of services an escort offers

Traditional companionship service

According to society, it is not normal to arrive at an event or business party alone, so wealthy and successful people hire wonderful companion, who is charming and communicates smartly. Mostly such services are hired by entrepreneurs, businessmen, and single managers. They are so much engulfed in their work that they hardly have time for relationships. So, the only solution is to pay and hire an interesting converser and companion. 

For positive impression - At social receptions, corporate parties, and presentation dinners, the consumer looks at the photos, selects one, and pays the escort agency. The young woman arrives at the scheduled time to the right location, spends specified time with the customer. It is a type intended to create an optimistic impression on event guests.
For joint leisure – The customer pays for the company of not just a single lady, but several at a time. It can be for several reasons like sea vacation, visiting exhibitions or museums, going on a cruise, country rest, and more.
For enhancing meeting ambiance – A gorgeous lady helps to create a relaxing atmosphere during business meetings and negotiations. The atmosphere neutralizes as the participant's attention is diverted during heated negotiations. The meeting results are beneficial!
For fighting loneliness – Some men experience loneliness and depression after a divorce or a break-up. They feel disheartened but an intellectual escort can help you. The escort girls are trained to pursue smooth and interesting discussions that keep you occupied. The feeling of pain and hurt in the heart slowly disappears. The escort can bail you out of loneliness using conceivable ways. 

Whenever you hire an escort determine the kind of service you plan to have. There are also certain things to consider while choosing.

Ignoring research

All escort agencies displayed on the first page of Goggle are not legitimate. Unethical people are sneaking around, so be careful. Check the potential agency’s reputation, read reviews, see ratings on review sites, go through model profiles, and even look at the amount of traffic the website attains.

Overlooking agency’s policies

Read and clearly understand the terms and conditions printed in the policy. If you overlook their policies or do not adhere to their written terms and conditions then the chances that you will be blacklisted increases. All the reputable escort agencies hire well-educated girls, so no one will desire to be penalized because they are certain they can hire smart escorts. 

Price haggling 

Price negotiation is a big NO. It can push the potential escort away. Pay the rates as mentioned in their profile. If you are unable to pay then look for a model you can afford. Sometimes, customers will need to pay upfront because of fulfilling special requests as you hired her for an event or going on a tour going on a tour. She will need funds to do some shopping. 

Not discussing your preferences

Be clear of what your preferences are or this will wreck the entire experience. The escorts are professionals. They do everything, which will satisfy their customers. You need to tell her or she will not be aware of your desires. They also have some of their restrictions, so ensure not to cross the boundaries. For example, she does not prefer sex without a condom and some customers try to avoid this, which is disrespectful.

Use vulgar language

When you are making inquiries, ask questions nicely. You will get a good response. On the other hand, rude language creates a bad impression, which will push away the escort. She can turn down your booking as no one desires to handle disrespectful people. Being impolite online indicates that you can be the worst person to handle face to face.
Prepare yourself before your meet her. Clean and groom yourself because she also expects you to look well-presented like her. Treat her with courtesy and respect to maximize your escorting experience. 

Things Not to do With An escort

Try not to be mean to the escort girls. They deserve kindness and respect as much as you do. At not cost can you be condescending or unkind. Don’t assume you know them, just because you are paying them for their services. If you are kind and compassionate, both of you can have a nice time together. 

Make sure that you do not cross your boundaries. They have set rules and they stick to them. You need to be nice enough to follow those rules as well. 

Make sure that your phone, keys wallet, and other personal items in place. A reputable escort girl would never bother touching or stealing your stuffs. However, it is good to be on the safer side.

Make sure that you don't ask about their girlfriends or boyfriends. This info is private and you have no right to ask this question. Also, ensure that you do not ask them about their family or other related matters. They have a right to privacy. 
Make sure you smell good and are clean while meeting an escort girl. Being dirty can be a turn off for any person. Thus, take a shower and groom yourself before meeting an escort girl. 
Last, but not the least, never ask them for favors for free. Asking for a date night is asking for too much for free.