It can be easy for couples in long-term relationships to fall into the same monotonous patterns over time, especially in the bedroom! Whether the sex has become dull or you are not having any at all, the best approach is to communicate how you feel about the situation.

Discussing your desires will not only enhance your sex life but also open up other areas for communication in your relationship. What helps a couple regain that spark and what they wish to work on is utterly unique to them. Whilst there is no right or wrong place to begin, we have listed our top four suggestions to add a little spice and creativity to your sex life!

Sex Toys

Sex toys are not just for those going solo, with couples increasingly introducing toys into the bedroom. Whether it's vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, or something else, there are a variety of ways toys can enhance pleasure and improve your sex life.

Exploring what is out there builds anticipation before you even try something together, re-introducing that much-needed excitement for each other.

Visiting a Couples Escort

Visiting an escort for couples is the perfect way to fulfil that threesome fantasy you've always had. A threesome requires trust between all parties involved, and picking the right person to join you is key to your enjoyment. Asking a friend may make your relationship with them awkward, and it may be impossible to feel at ease if you pick a random stranger for a threesome.

Hiring a professional, whether a London escort or a companion in Manchester, puts you in the safe hands of an expert at giving pleasure, allowing your threesome fantasy to come to life. Escorts are usually attentive to their client's needs helping them explore their sensuality and unlock creative ways to enjoy each other's company, potentially what you need to reignite that spark!

Role Playing

For those looking for a little bit of adventure in their sex life, roleplaying is the perfect option for you! Regardless of your fantasies, throwing yourself into a sexual scenario takes you out of everyday life, a form of escapism for some couples. Acting as someone else may give them the confidence to try new things, immersing themselves in the experience and recovering that spark.

Exploring New Positions

It may seem obvious, but trying new positions may be what you need to unlock a more exciting sex life. Experimenting with different positions is a great way to have fun, whether it's a little twist on the classics or something you never thought your body could achieve.

Trying something new also means communicating with your partner, discovering your desires through trial and error, and learning more about each other. More than anything, it should be fun when you try something new, so don't feel pressured for it to mend that spark immediately!

Regardless of which route you go down to spice up your relationship, finding free time for each other is the perfect place to start exploring that sexual spark and becoming closer as a couple.