Women over 70 reported that they're having the best sex of their lives. BECAUSE THEY'RE LYING. Well, that's what it sounds like anyway.
Uh-oh. It seems that most lubricants make contraception more difficult for couples, at least according to a study published in the journal Fertility and Sterility.
So here's a no-brainer, but a reminder, for all you ladies who think buying extravagant gifts for your S.O. will make him happy this Valentine's Day.
Who knew a little nookie could do wonders for your sleeping habits? Saralyn Mark, M.D., associate professor of medicine and OB/GYN at the Yale School of Medicine, explains that all this all has to do with hormone production during intercourse.
Nothing is worse than the first Valentine's Day after a breakup. Seeing all those happy, smiling couples going out to dinner together, holding hands at the park and snuggling up in line at the movies is enough to make a newly single person physically ill. At the very least, feelings of anger, resentment and loneliness are bound to rear their ugly heads. Take heart, though! It doesn't have to be this way. You can take that romantic holiday and turn it into a celebration of love of a different kind — a kind that will cheer you up and make you feel fantastic. Here are three tough-love ways to survive Valentine's Day after a breakup and come out feeling on top of the world.
First dates can be daunting, and whether you like who you're meeting for dinner, you'll still want to make a good impression. What is the rudest thing you can do on a first date?
Dating just got even more complicated. A new online survey shows that 69 percent of 18 - 54-year-olds have no clue on how to determine whether they are "dating" or merely "hanging out" with someone.
There are so many reasons to why you should be having more sex. It's a stress-reliever, and it's fun. But getting hot and heavy in bed has another upside to it.
A new study found that hooking up in college may be linked to short-term depression. The study, published in the Journal of Sex Research, was conducted by researchers from Syracuse and Brown Universities, who surveyed 438 college students over the course of 13 months.
Growing up, talking about sex can get awkward. But we end up discussing it at some point. You may have gotten the girly point of view, or you may have gotten gory details from your much older friends. Some of you may have had to listen to guys dishing the dirt on their sexcapades (which could be very different from when girls talk). Either way, it's all theoretical until you actually experience it for yourself. And I guarantee you'd have had some surprises along the way.
You may have heard that sex burns calories, but it's not all that true. According to the Associated Press, researchers found that the only evidence supporting that claim was a study conducted on 10 men in 1984, which found that sex lasted six minutes on average and they only burned 21 calories.
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