Women over 70 reported that they're having the best sex of their lives. BECAUSE THEY'RE LYING. Well, that's what it sounds like anyway.
Bad body image can lead to bad sex. "Nothing kills the mood quite like being negative about the way you look," HuffPost Live host Caitlyn Becker said during segment on how body image affects women's sex lives.
We all have regrets when it comes to unwise choices we've made in past relationships or sexual encounters.
Women might be having more types of sex than before, but they're also having less sex overall, says the findings from Britain's third National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles (Natsal-3), conducted from 2010 to 2012.
Men are no longer the only ones watching X-rated films online. Women are also tuning in, and they're reporting some pretty interesting benefits. According to a new survey by UK sex toy and lingerie store Ann Summers, 58 percent of women who watched porn with their partners said it had a positive effect on their relationship.
Surprising new research presented at the American Public Health Association Meeting has found that even masturbation could put you at risk for an STD.
"It's so good it's better than sex!"We've heard this line before, especially when it comes to really scrumptious food, or a thrilling experience. Admit it. Most of us actually mean it.
Can't seem to land a relationship? When it comes to meeting your next conquest, we could all do with a little help. And perhaps all you need is a few handy tips to help you get your groove on. Below are some methods that science says will help you become more attractive to the opposite sex.
One important thing about going on a first date is to make a good first impression. You'd probably go through your wardrobe to find the most appropriate dress to wear, before spending an hour in front of your mirror getting your hair and makeup done right. After all, you want to look your best.
In an ideal world, the only reason to have sex would be because we want to relieve sexual tension, we're attracted to our partner, and we want to strengthen our bond. But the real truth is that while some couples do it to become more intimate, others do it simply so they don't feel guilty about not having sex.
Married or not, nobody is spared from getting into a sex rut. There might be a time in your life when you feel your sex life is predictable. So why not try to spice things up a little and tweak your technique?
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