Some of these items are normal for many Asian countries, but then there's the bizarre crocodile and pig faces and assorted dried reptile parts. It may be a shock to some, but this is what people eat in some parts of the world.

Heck, there's even diet water. Check out the list below:

Crocodiles in the frozen meat section (with tomato in the mouth?)

Mixed meat (of something?)

Real live hopping frogs

Real live hopping frogs and real live swimming turtles

Orange juice and cooking oil combination

Instead of bags of rice, it is tons of rice!

Walmart-brand liquor

Premium liquor box sets

Assorted dried reptile parts, doesn't sound very delicious but it is a thing.

Open-air racks of ribs, hygiene is questionable

An entire shark

So many chopsticks.

Fox meat

Ducks. In rows.

Men's anti-bacterial underwear, because apparently infection could be a thing?

Pig faces. Who eats this?

Beef granules wrapped like little candies


Luxury candy

Powdered Horse Milk

"Diet Water"

Meat water. Beef please?