Cringe. Cross your legs. Feel the pain. Imagine it. We're sure you can. Because as a man, you're probably not a regular when it comes to being on the waxing table. Somehow, Crush Inc. convinced 20 men to endure the pain for a bit, in a bid to raise awareness for testicular cancer.

Testicular cancer is the most prevalent form of disease in men aged 15 to 29. It is highly treatable if caught early, and to honor the Testicular Cancer Awareness month, design shop Crush Inc. and BBDO Canada held a fundraising event dubbed "Not-The-Sac" and invited men to get their nether regions feeling smooth like a baby's bottom.

The video is hilarious no doubt, but the takeaway is more important. Here's a simple four-step self test you should do on a monthly basis. Try it out guys. It's more painful losing your nuts than waxing them.