The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show just happened and here's an Instagram guide to take you through the entire runway. Check out the Instagram gallery below:

1. Getting ready for the show.

2. All the models that will be walking.

3. Backstage hotness is just as hot.

4. Joan Smalls owning the runway.

5. Pre-runway shots.

6. Does she even need makeup? That's the question..

7. Ariana Grande, pre-cringe face.

8. Where are my wings?

9. Blowing kisses.

10. Angel ready. Go.

11. Just as hot in black and white.

12. Karlie Kloss goodness.

13. Ed Sheeran can't believe he's surrounded by so much hotness.

14. Taylor Swift at the show, again.

15. Taylor joins the angels.

16. Veterans need to take selfies too.

17. Just a taste of what you can expect on the runway.

18. Is Ariana Grande the next Taylor Swift-BFF?

19. It's a wrap. Time to bow for the crowd.

20. See you next year!