23 July 2024

Happy Beer Time is a unique crowdsourcing project which allows snap-happy bar patrons to extend happy hour at their favourite bars. The idea involved passing out a special USB stick that can be plugged in to any screens at the premises to display the amount of time left on happy hour.
Everyone knows that the Olympics is the time when the world's best athletes compete to bring honor to their countries. But what would happen if cybernetics were thrown in to the mix?

The Swiss National Competence Center of Research has announced that they will be conducting a Cybathlon in October 2016. The event will be an Olympic Games of sorts where robot-assisted paratheletes compete in futuristic-looking competitions. Check it out in the trailer below:
Joanne Milne has a rare disease called Usher Syndrome. She has been deaf since birth and it even took her sight in her twenties. But medical science is not having any of that. Today, she just regained some hearing with the help of a cochlear implants.
Attention all single people! Are you tired of eating all by yourself while in front of the television? Then you might want to drop by Ikea Malaysia to get your hands on this lovely-looking "LÖNE singleton dining table."
There are dogs that you can fit in your purse, but did you know that every dog can fit in a mug? Of course, this isn't literal. Using optical illusion of photography, the trick is to hold the cup in front of the lens with your dog in the background. On Instagram, this trend is called #muttmuggin.
There really isn't any point in trying to secure your privacy these days. So you're probably not going to jump out of your chair when you hear that the British counterpart to NSA ran a program called "Optic Nerve" from 2008 to 2010 that involved capturing webcam images from internet users.
Sure we could have named this post the 'Best Photobombs Ever',  but we all know that wouldn’t be entirely true. Not that these aren’t funny, but there’s just so many other great ones out there that putting them all in one place would probably make our Fooyoh servers burst into flames...
Remember how Chuck Norris beat Jean-Claude Van Damme by doing a hilarious split with airplanes and CGI? JCVD just one-upped Chuck Norris because he went to space to do a split instead.

This amusing parody clip by Linh Mai shows a perfect CGI Van Damme atop two satellites in space. You can't beat that. You just can't.
Some of these items are normal for many Asian countries, but then there's the bizarre crocodile and pig faces and assorted dried reptile parts. It may be a shock to some, but this is what people eat in some parts of the world.
Have you ever been mutbombed? The new Instagram craze was started by Dallas Pets Alive (DPA). Its goal is to make Dallas a no-kill place while finding homes for healthy rescue dogs. Every city should have this initiative!
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