23 July 2024

Are you tired of viewing all those the crappy music videos churned out on VEVO's YouTube channel? Then you simply must check out Bob Dylan's interactive video clip for "Like A Rolling Stone", which is hands down the most amazing music video you will see all year.
NBA stars Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, James Harden and Steve Nash make some Christmas music by shooting hoops for this NBA x adidas commercial that reveals the short sleeve jerseys that will be worn during this year’s Christmas Day quintuple-header.
We already posted photos of Batkid saving Gotham City, but here's a video that captured the whole thing happening.

Miles Scott took on two other villains in his day-long adventure as Batkid, where he cruised around the city in a Lamborghini Batcar. Thousands of people were cheering him on.
Google is getting good at commercials. Their direction is pure tear jerker quality and we absolutely love them. The latest is this Google India commercial dubbed "Reunion". It is a touching short story and has already went viral.
Here's something to consider before purchasing the overpriced iPhone 5S. According to NY Times reporter Nick Bilton, the phone used to be referred to as "the Kardashian phone" inside Apple headquarters at Cupertino way before the official release.
In honor of rapper Kanye West not beating his ass while being interviewed, Jimmy Kimmel has decided to present a fresh round of mean-spirited tweets read by celebrities. And this time around, he's going after the musicians. Try not to giggle while watching below:
Just because it's a TED Talk doesn't mean you have to believe everything the speaker says. This clip featuring comedian Sam Hyde was from an independently organized TEDx program held at Drexel University.
Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon are back in another skit, this time, to shed light on the overuse of hashtags.

Finally, the pound sign is getting some attention, after many years of it being part of the dialer, the once least pressed button has infiltrated every single social network.
It's amazing how people can get duped. Jimmy Kimmel went to people on the streets and showed them an iPad Mini telling them that it was the new iPhone. Could be a prank, since Kimmel is not new to these kind of things, but if not, then oh dear, why are people so gullible?
Last week, the internet was flooded with reports about chemical weapons being used near the capital Damascus in the Goutha region. Be warned, what you're about to see is both graphic and heartbreaking (via Truth Loader):
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