25 July 2024

Burgers took eight centuries to evolve from raw meat Mongolian soldiers kept under their saddles to the amazing juicy, succulent and irresistible things we have today. Its history goes very very far back. The History of the Hamburger is a documentary by National Geographic.
Russia is one crazy place. There's violence everywhere! Even on game shows! This one Russian man punched a girl in a bikini in the face after he lost his temper.

The female opponent was taunting him. She's the one in the bikini.
What's the fastest way to meet girls on Tinder? You have to be on it for a long time. So this engineer decided to put his time to better use instead: he built a machine to help use the app without him being present.
Here is a lesson to all parents to always keep an eye on your baby. Never let them out of sight! One baby had a close call when the pram rolled onto a train track.

A grandfather was with his two children when the pram rolled towards the track when he turned his back to look at a ticket machine.
This is probably, and undoubtedly the most ridiculous soccer dive you'll see in the history of soccer. Leeds United midifielder Adryan was able to do this, earning him the highest respect from all divers.
You think you know everything about food, but you actually don't. Here are some food facts that will have you questioning them in the first place. Check it out after the jump!

For instance, Jerry of Ben and Jerry's...:
This is just so wrong. Shona Carter-Brooks got married but had a very different idea of walking down the aisle - she would attach her newborn daughter to the train of her wedding dress and drag her as she walked down the aisle.
Bill Gates is on the search to make a better condom. There have been redesigns to the modern love glove with some of them looking to alternative materials like graphene to coating it with nanoparticles. The general idea is to make one that will be safer and more comfortable.
Milena Channing suffered a stroke at 29 years old, and consequently became blind. She woke up at the hospital and all she could see was darkness. But after a while she started to see faint images, and could see the wisps of steam from her coffee cup and rain drops as they fell.
Manuel Uribe, who was once listed as the world's heaviest human being in 2006, has died at the age of 48.

The Mexican was notable for suffering from morbid obesity to one of the greatest extents known in recorded history. His peak weight was at around 1,230 pounds. But despite being bedridden, he still managed to accomplish feats like getting married, moving to America and even getting a job fixing computers.
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