Who said gaming wasn't a profitable career? Meet Jordan Maron. He's a 23-year-old YouTuber who made a fortune by recording himself play 'Minecraft.' He's made so much money that he recently bought a $4.5 million mansion in Hollywood Hills.

If you haven’t heard of his channel then I’m sure you have seen him in some videos playing Minecraft survival servers with other Youtubers. His channel started out pretty basic but over years has evolved in unique content that seems to attract the younger and older generations. 

Known as CaptainSparklez on YouTube, Maron has got over 1.9 billion views on his channel.

He bought a 4,100-square-feet crib with three bedrooms, four baths, glass-railed terraces, a wet bar, outdoor bar, swimming pool, and a party sized spa.

The billionaire who made Minecraft lives down the street. Here's checking out Maron's new pad: