How do you feel about renting a fake girlfriend for the festive season? The whole business of that is currently booming in China. Now that Chinese New Year is approaching, more and more people don't want to deal with nosy and annoying relatives and their questions about finding a girlfriend.

The Paper reports that most clients seek rentable mates to spend Spring Festival with them.

It is, as we thought, to mainly easy their relatives' worries about not getting hitched.

Businesses are offering a temporary girlfriend for 3,000-4,000 yuan ($456-$608) for six to seven days of service with the option to pay extra for additional days.

Sounds pretty sad...but it is happening.

An employee from one of those companies also explained there would be other “possibilities” once a customer availed their service.

He said:

“Think about it, if you bring a girlfriend home, you definitely would spend the night together.”

So is this prostitution but with another name?