Age is just a number. And this is now the internet's latest ageless crush — 50-year-old grandmother Qin Ling. Qin, who has two daughters and a granddaughter is unbelievable gorgeous. She claims to maintain her beauty by sleeping naked once a week, taking hot baths, and patting her face and using homemmade face masks.

That's all?

Qin's daughters held a photoshoot for her birthday last year where she posed with her granddaughter.

Now the photos are online.

And everyone is just crushing over her now.

Qin, a divorced single mother, revealed that she never had much money to spend on herself so she relied on inexpensive beauty products she could make herself like a special face mask made of cucumber, yogurt, honey and ground pearls.

We guess it's just in the genes?

Qin also reportedly revealed that she’s had many suitors, some more than 20 years younger than her.