Batman is fighting Superman in the movies this week, but just who will reign champion? Here's some history of the two fighting in comics too. They've met 13 times already and you'd be surprised with the results. Check it out:

The Feud Between Batman and Superman (1964)

Winner: None. The fight is broken up and the two make up.

The Infinite Evolutions of Batman and Superman (1965)

Winner: Superman, finally putting the “Brains vs. Brawn” debacle to bed once and for all.

The Galactic Gamblers (1969)

Winner: None, because their hearts weren’t actually into it.

How Do You Kill A Superman (1976)

Winner: Batman…kind of. While he seems to kill Superman, he actually ends up triggering a sequence of events that save Superman’s life, which might have been his goal all along.

The Dark Knight Falls (1986)

Winner: Batman, with the help of Green Arrow, kryptonite and a super-strong mechanic armor suit.

One Night in Gotham City (1986)

Winner: Batman.

The Dark Knight Strikes Again (2002)

Winner: Batman.

Batman: Hush (2003)

Winner: None. Superman manages to break free of Ivy’s hypnotics when he sees Lois Lane in danger.

Lex Luthor: Man of Steel (2005)

Winner: Superman, by a long shot. He uses his super-breath to disarm Batman of the kryptonite like it’s nothing.

Sacrifice (2005)

Winner: Superman.

Super/Bat (2008)

Winner: Superman.

Justice League: Origin (2011)

Winner: Superman.

Endgame (2015)

Winner: Batman.

Batman 5 - Superman 5.
It's a draw.