Selfies aren't supposed to be creepy, but this one here is making everyone lose their minds. Taken by a couple, the creepiness factor set in when people saw the reflection in the window at the back of the couple. Be prepared..

This is the selfie:

Could it have been the work of photoshop?

One guy on 9gag went ahead and offered a logical explanation:

"This picture is a result of a camera with a rolling shutter," he writes. "The sensor is exposed to light with the help of 2 little panels that fall up (possibly down left or right, but usually down). If the girl was to turn her head at the right time the camera would capture her looking backwards and forwards," the user writes. "The rolling shutter is present in most DLSRs. Unlike a phone camera which can have a global shutter or electronic moving shutter. The wider the gap between the 2 falling panels determine how much time the sensor is exposed."

Or it could just be a ghost. Or demon. Who knows? Creepy factor 9000.