The latest episode for Game of Thrones is turning up the volume on excitement. It features a ton of developments that are already in motion. The outcome is anyone's guess but one thing is for sure. You should never mess with....

Spoilers ahead.

Back in Castle Black, the Red Lady has pledged her alliance to Jon Snow, claiming he's the promised Prince, instead of Stannis.

Then Sansa shows up and reunites with Jon. They talk about what has happened, and how she wants Jon to help her retake the North.

Tyrion is running the show now and he's making use of his political prowess to negotiate peace to avoid more unnecessary killings before Daenerys comes back.

In King's Landing, a plan is set in motion to rid the city of the Faith that's taken grip of the administration.

These two are set to enter Dothraki ground to save Daenerys. No weapons allowed it seems.

But when it came to saving Dany, she refuses, instead has a plan of her own. She confronts all the Khals telling them they suck and she would be the one to lead all of them.

Of which they laugh, but later on burn alive, and since Dany can't burn, she comes out emerging like some God.

So, to sum it up: you should never mess with Daenerys. Especially when there's fire all around and you can't escape from it.