For entertainment purposes, smoking marijuana is prohibited in many states. This substance is still classified as a drug addict, and its use outside the medical aspect is strictly prohibited. But as for the latest research data, not everything is so simple. 

   Scientists have long identified the components of cannabis safe for mental health - CBD and THC - which can be safely used for medical purposes. And not only in them.
   In particular, positive dynamics in the behavior of recipients who regularly take MMJ, suffering from anxiety attacks, has been proven.
   Such attacks often occur with:

• Depression,
• Obsessive-compulsive disorders,
• Post-traumatic stress syndromes,
• Anorexia,
• Other mental disorders.

   And in all these cases, marijuana can reduce the level of anxiety and stabilize the state of the psyche.

Why Is It Worth Using Marijuana To Relieve Anxiety?

• It is a natural antidepressant that does not contain toxins or harmful substances that negatively affect the psyche.
• You can use cannabinoids for therapeutic use in several possible variations, and smoking - although the most common of them, but not the only one.
• At the same time, smoking marijuana is much safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes, and as recent studies have shown, it is much safer than vape.
• An overdose of marijuana is a key issue for many of its consumers. Unlike many medicines and narcotic substances, marijuana is quickly eliminated from the body, and its overdose acts in the shortest possible time.
   But at the same time, you should be warned about the negative consequences that smoking MMJ entails.

Arguments Against Smoking Medical Marijuana

   One of the main arguments against it is side effects, which may consist in increasing the same anxiety, aggression and excessive appetite. But this only applies to unlicensed strains of non medical marijuana.

   Also, many opponents argue the dangers of smoking - because this process in any case, causes a burden on the lungs. But today there are many cannabinoids in edible form or in the format of drinks, so you do not have to smoke at all to receive treatment.

   And, of course, many are worried about the unpredictable effect of cannabinoids on humans: where one will be of complete benefit, for others there may be an overdose or side effects. Therefore, it is very important to select therapy based on the characteristics of the body.

   Also, many argue that it is impossible to calculate the exact dose - this situation is directly related to the previous argument because the effect on the body of cannabis is purely individual.

   But all these counterarguments are broken down into standard medical protocols: in any case, the use of marijuana is controlled by doctors and needs to be adjusted.

   But getting permission to use medical cannabis is easy enough. To do this, just go through the Dr. Weedy online procedure. She does not need a personal presence, just fill out the questionnaire on the website, go through a review by our doctors, and after a couple of minutes you will receive approval from our specialists and - within a day you will already receive official confirmation. Or if you need, you can buy weed online in Vancouver So - you can already contact the official points of sale for their therapeutic products.