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Dogs are regarded as the best companion as people believe they help them lead a healthier and happier life. People with pet dogs dedicate a significant amount of time to their dogs and shower their canine companions with attention and love. 

Supposedly their beloved pet falls sick; in that case, pet owners’ blood runs cold. They run to veterinarians and follow their advice to ensure that their dogs recover quickly.  Dog owners keep their canine friends to their chest, spoil them, and love to spend time with them. CBD or cannabidiol oil has proven to do wonders for dog’s health. 

Cannabidiol is extracted from hemp, and unlike THC, CBD does not get high. Although not many studies are available on CBD use, its use is prevalent due to its numerous benefits. CBD oil can help dogs as it reduces their seizures and helps in relieving pain. Nonetheless, pet parents still question the use of CBD on their beloved pets. They want to learn more about the product and ensure that it does not harm their animal. 

Below we are listing some points which will shed light on the use of CBD oil on your canine companions:

1. Eases Pain

Dog owners feel uneasy when they see their animals in pain. They want to give their canine companions instant relief, and cannabidiol can be the answer to their problems. Arthritis is a common condition in dogs, and animals suffering from the disease stay in pain day in and day out. CBD has proven to ease their situation and enhances comfort in them. 

While pet owners may get inclined towards giving CBD to their dogs, they must get them from authentic sources. Before purchasing CBD products, they must do their homework and verify that suppliers are authentic and deal in original cannabidiol. In the modern technical-driven era, they can use the internet for their search. For instance, residents of Charlotte can type  CBD in charlotte nc in the search bar and read the results before selecting the supplier. 

2. Types of CBD Product Matters

CBD comes in different forms. Pet parents need to be attentive and take care of various aspects before opting for a CBD product. CBD-infused dog treats can be an ideal choice as dogs do not create a fuss and easily intake the medicine considering they are treats for them. Capsules are another way of giving CBD. Depending on the dog’s condition, pet owners need to decide how to administer CBD to dogs. For skin conditions, dog owners can search for CBD-infused skin cream. Some dogs make a lot of commotion in taking medicine. CBD oil is easily dissolvable, and pet owners can opt for CBD-infused treats to give CBD to their dogs. Some dogs may not resist swallowing capsules or oil, but others may be tough to crack. 

3. Long term and Short term Effects

CBD has proven to be beneficial in relieving pain and has positive short-term effects. Many dogs show signs of stress during storms, fireworks, or other commotion. Giving them CBD reduces stress and helps them cope with seizures, soreness, and other illnesses. However, some studies suggest that it may harm dogs’ bodily function in the long run. Like other mammals, dogs also have endocannabinoid systems, ECS. Dogs have cannabinoid receptors in the liver, reproductive system, and circulatory system. Some studies suggested that CBD can harm dogs in the long term and affects their functions. 

4. Autoinflammatory and Neuroprotective Properties

CBD acts on the brain signaling system as some studies have concluded it may have neuroprotective properties. Some researchers suggest that CBD helps people with epilepsy; nonetheless, the research is new, and experts need to gather more data. In addition, cannabidiol is also exceptional and has inflammatory properties. It can help dogs in other medical conditions. 

5. Consult your Vet

A vital aspect before deciding to give your furry companion CBD is to consult their veterinarians. Some dogs may have special conditions, and CBD may react violently, affecting them negatively. The vet understands dogs' condition better and can prescribe the correct mode and dose of cannabidiol.  Moreover, CBD may show some reactions, and vets can suggest better if the reaction is severe.


Studies regarding CBD are still in a preliminary stage. Still, many experts suggest its use as it has proven to be effective in many cases. Since the origin of cannabidiol and marijuana is the same, people feel confused about its use. CBD products do not get people high, help reduces stress and anxiety, and ease the pain. Some veterinarians also recommend its use on dogs as they believe it reduces dogs' seizures and helps them in aches. Nonetheless, pet owners must research and give the correct dose of CBD to their dogs to avoid any side effects.