When you picture the kind of sugar baby you really want to be, you probably think of a lot more than just youth and stunning good looks. You also think of someone who’s confident, intelligent, elegant, and inherently likeable, as well. 

That said, the more likeable and charming you can become, the better your chances the best sugar daddies will fall for you and the better your chances of keeping them insanely happy once you’ve got them. Here’s a brief, non-exhaustive list of things the most likeable sugar babies do differently from everyone else. How many of your own traits and methods made the list?

1. They make people laugh

If you’re like most people, your favorite folks to be around are also some of the funniest people you know, and that’s no coincidence. Laughing feels fantastic, and most people simply don’t do it often enough. So naturally, someone with a gift for humor will be easy to like.

Of course, no sugar baby should force herself to become an overnight comedian if it doesn’t come naturally to her. But if you know a sharp wit and a great sense of humor are already among your strengths, you should definitely play them up.

2. They make time for other people

So many people in this world have a way of drifting through life without truly paying much attention to anyone. If they’re not simply in a rush to get on to the next thing on their agenda, then they’re perpetually waiting for their own turn to talk and make conversations all about them.

That said, a sugar baby who knows how to make another person feel like the only one in the room is worth her weight in gold. So invest in your connections with other people. Make time for the ones who matter most, and help them feel seen by always giving conversation partners your full attention.

3. They invest in their appearance

Looks may not be everything when it comes to a sugar baby’s value. They’re really not even the most important thing about her, but taking the time to look good before going out in public or spending time with others can go a long way toward making you more likeable.

It’s not just because people instinctively respond well to attractive people, either. It’s because so few people put any real effort into looking good for others anymore. A sugar baby who always takes the time to look her best when she entertains or goes out is a sugar baby who respects other people and garners respect in return.

4. They show empathy for others

If you’ve ever wondered what’s happening to humanity these days because so many people seem cold and callous, you’re not alone. The average person really does seem to be out for themselves. But that makes someone empathetic that much easier to like.

So be proud of your ability to be sensitive to other people’s feelings, and don’t be afraid to let it show in front of others. Everyone – from the people you associate with each day to the sugar daddies you date – loves a sugar baby who cares about her fellow man.

5. They never let things get awkward

Have you ever had a friend, relative, coworker, or other acquaintance who seemed to have a sixth sense when it came to social situations? Such people know how to put others instantly at ease, and they have a knack for keeping the conversation flowing smoothly in any situation.

So actively develop this ability in yourself. When you’re the hostess or the more established party in whatever situation, look for ways to help others feel included, especially if they’re shy and awkward. Keep a selection of conversation topics in your back pocket to keep awkward silences at bay, too. You’ll make yourself very easy to like.

6. They surround themselves with great people

People tend to believe what they see when gauging another person’s likeability. By that logic, someone with lots of friends who adore them must be easy to like, not to mention kind, intelligent, generous, and just about everything else positive that makes a person popular. 

So if you’re serious about making an impression on others that says you’re likeable and easy to be around, maintain a large circle of friends and acquaintances. Make sure they’re quality folks who reflect well on you and are genuinely enjoyable to be around, as well. It’s only a matter of time before everyone else you meet is just dying to become one of them.

Being the type of alluring sugar baby other people either want to be or be with is easier than it might seem. It’s all about being the best possible version of your authentic self and not being afraid to let yourself shine.