One of the pillars who creates a strong foundation of a business and contributes to its success is the administrative section. They are the ones assigned to maintain the organizational area of the business. Mostly accomplishing tasks that include planning meetings, managing information, delivering presentations as well as leading and working with other people. However, you can’t land on this position without experiencing the challenging process. There are different qualifications that will enable you to land on an administrative job.

What are the Principles of Business Level 3 answers?

This is a qualification that equips the students the needed knowledge, understanding and skills as they take Business Administration. Meanwhile, for employed individuals, taking the Level 3 opens new opportunities for your career growth. It covers a wider range of organizational tasks and team management. Also, it gives importance for professional growth and personal development. You’ll have a deeper understanding about administrative best practices as you develop your leadership skills. By accomplishing the Principles of Business Level 3, you’ll have a more responsible role that handles the bigger picture.

How to be qualified for the level 3?

The Level 3 Certificate in Principles of Business Administration is awarded by Northern Council for Further Education (NCFE). For you to obtain such certificate, you are required to accomplish 3 units that is compulsory and 4 optional units. There are so many institutions that offer specific courses for this field. If you are a full-time student, it is up to your preference on what way or mode of learning is what’s effective for you. For employees or other individuals that has their own commitments, online learning is the best way for you. For this, one of the venues for learning that has the expertise in online set-up is the College of Contract Management. There are also other courses that they offer which means more opportunities for aspiring new and employed professionals.

What are your roles after knowing the Principles of Business level 3 answers?

Since you are trained to work on tasks that have wider scope, you’re responsible in overseeing the organization’s daily operations. You monitor the progress and ensure that ever goal is met. You are also the mediator between the employees and executives. So, establishing a healthy relationship and peaceful working environment within the whole company is one of your goals. Lastly, you are to evaluate the productivity of the team as well as strategizing effective procedures. These strategies should be focused on improving the performance of the employees.

Skills to be developed

Since you are portraying a vital role on how the company functions there are so much for you to learn and develop. One of these things is your Business Administration skills.

The skill of the tongue

Your role demands you to interact and communicate with number of people. Thus, the reason why you need to focus on your communication skills. Having an effective communication within the workplace increases the productivity of the employees as they’re confident about what they’re doing. Having an open and organized communication system that all of you follows minimizes miscommunication that may affect the work’s flow.

Getting technical

If compared to a car, technology has been the machine that’s behind why a business is functioning or moving. The employees are the steering wheel that controls the directions on where the business will be heading. So, to be able to maneuver the car properly, you need to familiarize with the machine, which is technology. Even just the basic knowledge of how to operate a computer or troubleshooting will be very beneficial for you.

Blending in

Most of your tasks involve people from the team or the company. Your skills on collaboration and teamwork are what they’ll expect to see from you as a leader. You should ensure that everyone’s on the same page and shares one objective. Thus, discussing the roles and responsibilities of each individual will help you achieve that. Solving problems together or formulating plans will enable the team to have a bond that is beneficial for future projects.

Multiple choices

It is already understandable that entering this job will require you to create decisions most especially in critical situations. It is important to learn how to objectively weigh conditions while considering all factors and its possible consequences. This enables you  to arrive to a choice that is more reasonable and beneficial among the other choices. You should always think that every decision affects the whole workplace and it's not only you who’ll experience the consequences.


The Principle in Business Level 3 has a wide scope that should be learned detail by detail. Thus, allotting your time to learn about this will be an edge for you as you ensure your career growth. The College of Contract Management will definitely assist you on your journey. Learning to develop your sense of responsibility and leadership helps you arrive into the position that you desire to have.