There are no exact specifications on when you need to update trampoline parts to new ones. Things like jumping frequency (how often people are jumping on it), weight of the jumper, cleaning frequency, weather conditions and sticking to guidelines set by the manufacturer have an effect on how often parts need to be replaced.

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Number 1: Trampoline springs

Trampoline springs are one of the most searched replacement parts for trampoline online. Indeed, people like to replace their trampoline springs relatively often, which means once in 3-5 years. While this is not necessarily needed for premium trampolines, the cheaper models may require you to update the springs more frequently. Note, however, that you may want to update the springs even if they don’t show any clearly visible sign of wear, like rust. Slightly loose springs have a negative effect on the bounce, and if you want to keep the bounce as good as it can be, you want to make sure that your springs are in their best condition.

Number 2: Safety net

When was the last time you checked the safety net? Chances are that there are some rips or it is slightly torn somewhere, but you have just decided to ignore it. While the net can take a solid 2-3 years before any wear and tear is visible, some manufacturers recommend updating it every few years just in case. But why?

Simply put, the safety net is the most important safety feature of the trampoline. Thus, updating it to a new one is a safety measure - something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Luckily, the nets are usually quite inexpensive, so you don’t have to worry about the financial costs of it.

Number 3: Safety paddings

Next, it’s time to check whether the safety paddings need an update. The safety paddings include the ones that cover springs and the ones that cover the enclosure poles. Safety paddings are important because they soften the landing in case the landing isn’t perfect and you land on the springs or hit the enclosure pole. Happens rarely, but it doesn’t hurt to be safe.

When determining whether you need replacement parts for trampoline paddings, simply check for any rips or holes in the cover. Some also like to update the paddings due to discoloration if the sun has been harsh on them over years and years of use.

Also, check the attachment pieces that attach the spring cover padding to the frame as they usually take the biggest hit. Luckily, those can often be replaced with new ones without buying the whole replacement part for the padding.

Number 4: Trampoline mat

Besides the springs, net and paddings, there’s of course the mat. There are two ways the mat could get damaged. One is that you end up leaving something sharp on the mat and that then creates a hole or a rip to the mat. Another is simply wear over time. Nevertheless, when choosing to replace the mat, make sure that it is exactly the same size as the old one is. Getting sizing wrong means that the distance between springs and mat is not correct and thus the bounce is affected.

Number 5: Attachment pieces

Finally, there are attachment pieces. These include all kinds of small loops, knots, bits and bobs that connect two parts together. While bolts can be bought from a hardware store (in case the trampoline manufacturer does not sell them), many other parts cannot. Check the parts that have attachment pieces to see whether they have any damage and replace the ones that look worn.

About trampoline care and maintenance

Simply put, updating your trampoline parts is the best way to make sure that your trampoline lasts for years to come. Practice trampoline care to prolong your trampoline’s life and make it as a part of your garden routine to check how it's doing.