Who doesn't love to add sweetness to their lives? Whether it's strawberry jam on breakfast toast or honey in a cup of tea, the right amount of sweetness can instantly lighten up our mood. If you're one of those sweet-toothed individuals constantly on the hunt for something new and exciting, have you heard about bourbon maple syrup? 

Yes, you read that right- bourbon maple syrup! The two words alone sound like a match made in heaven, and trust us; they taste even better! Each word has its unique flavor, but when combined, they create magic. 

This divine condiment is made by mixing pure Canadian maple syrup with barrels of high-quality bourbon whiskey—the result -- a deliciously sweet yet distinctly robust flavor profile that will please your taste buds. And let's be honest here -- anything whiskey-laced is always automatically cool!

So what makes this syrup so special?

Let's talk about how bourbon and maple play off each other to give us something unbelievable.

First, let's start with the most vital ingredient – Maple Syrup. We all know and love this godsend liquid that turns any dish into a masterpiece platter within seconds. But did you know real maple syrup only comes from Canada?! Not Aunt Jemima, my friend!

The process involves tapping the sap out of specially selected trees once winter ends in Canada (around early March). The sap collected undergoes several purification methods before finally boiling down into pure golden liquid gold we call Maple Syrup.

But now let's talk about what takes it up a notch - Bourbon Whiskey.

Bourbon is an American-made distilled spirit primarily made from corn mash mixed with wheat or rye grains & malted barley. It underwent fermentation with yeast and then aged slowly over time inside charred oak wood barrels. This process gives bourbon its distinct color, robust flavor profile & that hint of smokiness when you taste it.

Now imagine an amalgamation, a perfect combination of these two iconic ingredients - that makes Bourbon Maple Syrup so exquisite. The maple syrup brings the sweetness to play while the whiskey releases the edges to give them structure and depth.

Trust us; your culinary life will never be the same again once you try this unique condiment.

But how can you use this miracle ingredient in cooking?

- Pour on Pancakes: 

Maple syrup is always a staple topping for pancakes or waffles, but have you ever tried it with Bourbon-infused maple syrup? If not, then go ahead and add a splash of bourbon maple syrup to your stack. You'll wonder why you ever thought plain old syrup was good enough!

- Drizzle over Ice Cream:

Another palate-pleaser would be adding some drizzles of this delicious nectar on top of your variety of ice cream bowls. It will add an adult twist which might make for a perfect after-dinner treat.

- Shaken into Cocktails:

The rich flavor profile would pop wonders when added as cocktail ingredients also! Impress your friends at parties by serving them classic cocktail recipes like old-fashioned Manhattan, with elevated flavors using mouth-watering Bourbon Maple Syrup.

- Toss into Barbecue Glazes: 

Bacon-wrapped pork chops or Brisket, anyone?! Use this as glazes on meats during barbecue sessions! Add sweet heat penetrating from the inside out in every bite, making cooking with bourbon maple syrup an unforgettable experience.

- Get Creative with Desserts:

Adding a tablespoon or two into desserts won't hurt, either! Brownies drowned in bourbon maple swirls following apple cider vinegar pies are just examples; possibilities are limitless here!


The Bourbon Maple Syrup is the perfect condiment that can help elevate those dishes to the next level. This liquid gold condiment is ideal for any occasion, with a smooth flavor profile, mixability, and an influx of sweetness. Make sure to give it a try in your kitchen! Trust us – once you go Bourbon Maple Syrup, you`ll never turn back!!