Ceiling fans are coming back in style, so if you don’t have ceiling fans at home, it’s time to consider changing that. 

Ceiling fans have a number of benefits. They can make you feel so much more comfortable at home on a hot day – or even on a cold day – without the expense of adjusting the thermostat. They’re energy-efficient, and you can buy models suitable for use indoors or out. Need more ambient light? You can buy ceiling fans with built-in light fixtures and choose from a range of modern designs to suit any decorating aesthetic.

1) They Are Energy-Efficient

Most ceiling fans use about 75 watts of electricity, although that number will be higher or lower, depending on the size of the fan and the speed setting you use. A large fan will use more wattage than a small fan and a higher speed setting will use more wattage than a lower speed setting.

However, the energy needs and cost of running a ceiling fan will be low even for large fans. An inexpensive fan will cost about $0.05 a day to run if you run it all day long, or about $18.77 a year. A high-efficiency fan will use about half the wattage of a normal-efficiency fan, and cost about $8.00 a year to run. Of course, high-efficiency fans are more expensive to buy than low-efficiency fans, so don’t forget to factor in that cost when you’re considering which fan to buy.

2) They Keep You Comfortable Year-Round

Ceiling fans are a popular way to stay cool in the summer. They don’t actually make the room any cooler, but they can make you feel cooler by circulating air to create a refreshing breeze. The room can feel up to four degrees cooler when a ceiling fan is operating. That means you can turn your thermostat up four degrees in the summer, save some money on cooling costs, and still feel comfortable.

But did you know that your ceiling fan can help keep you warm in the winter, too? It’s true. Warm air in your home rises, hanging out near the ceiling and even leaking out through the ceiling and roof. But most ceiling fans have reversible blades so you can set them to spin clockwise in the winter. This pushes the warm air near your ceiling back down into the lower part of the room where it can keep you nice and toasty. Running ceiling fans in the winter can help you conserve your heat and lower heating costs.

3) They Look Great

The days of your grandma’s old-fashioned-looking ceiling fan are over. These days, ceiling fans come in a range of designs for every decorating style. You can choose a sleek, minimalist design with only two or three blades, or an industrial design with eight or nine blades. You can choose a dual fan model or go with a palm-leaf fan for a more coastal vibe. No matter what kind of decorating style you use at home, there’s a ceiling fan to match. The right ceiling fan can really tie your room together.

4) Many Models Have a Built-In Light Fixture

You don’t have to sacrifice ambient lighting to install a ceiling fan. Many ceiling fans come with built-in light fixtures. That’s not the only feature you’ll find on modern fans. You can buy ceiling fans with remotes or wireless wall controls. You can even buy smart fans that connect to your wifi and can be controlled from your smartphone. Some smart fans even come with timers you can set to turn the fan off and on at designated times.

5) They Can Be Used Indoors or Out

Ceiling fans aren’t just for the indoors. If you need climate control on a covered porch, patio, or gazebo, you can install an outdoor ceiling fan. A ceiling fan in an outdoor space provides the same cooling benefits as a fan indoors. It’s probably the only way to cool an outdoor space. The breeze a fan creates can keep bugs away, too, since it’s enough to overpower them.

Of course, you can’t hang the same kind of ceiling fan outdoors that you can indoors. If you’re buying a ceiling fan for outdoor use, make sure it’s rated for outdoor use. Outdoor-rated fans are built to withstand the elements, while indoor-rated fans are not.

Are you comfortable in your home? Are you looking for a way to cut heating and cooling costs? A new ceiling fan is just what you need to keep your home comfortable and your money in your wallet, where it belongs.