It doesn’t seem fair that a business can operate in the community without a problem for years or even decades, and one PR crisis can bring it all to a halt. That’s never been truer than in the digital information age, where news travels faster than ever on social media and in news outlets. 

Credit: Pixabay via Pexels

Getting a good reputation by astutely branding your business is only half the battle. Avoiding a marketing disaster is the other half. Let’s check out a few ways to prevent costly missteps proactively. 

Pest Control Before You Need It

Of all the things you don’t want a customer to see, a pest is right there at the top of the list. On a visceral level, pests are rightly and universally considered gross. Nothing good can come from their presence. If even one critter is spotted, that means more are nearby. No restaurant or company in the food sector can afford to play host to a pest. 

Thankfully, industry leaders like GreenLeaf Pest Control offer proactive help so this situation never arises. They’ll inspect your place of business for signs of pests or pest attractants, remove whatever they find, and return for multiple inspections to ensure it works. 

Pest control experts ensure you’ll be ready for third-party compliance and audits. They provide all supporting paperwork and documents and have a dedicated account manager on your case. A customer seeing pests is always bad for business, but companies also have legal obligations about pest control. Professional pest control experts keep you on the right side of the law while guarding your reputation. 

By the time a customer sees a pest in your premises, it’s already too late. Call a professional pest control expert for help.

Live Up to Your Promoted Ideals

It became very trendy for businesses to promote progressive slogans, which is all well and good. But this can backfire if they fail to live up to them.

For example, if your customers find out that your company’s salaries are generally higher for men than women, you’ll get a blowback. Expunging racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination is vital. You can’t just say you’re doing it. Not only is that hollow and insufficient. It also invites people to point out the hypocrisy, which can undo your reputation. 

If you expect that people should frequent your business because of your ideals, you must live up to them. 

Connect with the Community

Many businesses hire brand consultants or PR people to script their advertisements and communications. This can be OK for those with the budget. It may be more effective and inexpensive to go directly to the people. 

Your community, the people who support your business, has indispensable insights about their interests and perspectives. Once you know how they feel after gaining their inputs, it’ll be harder to put your foot in your mouth. 

Even the world’s best brands can undo their reputation overnight if they’re not careful. Keep these tips in mind, and your business will successfully navigate the perils of the digital information age.