Whether it's trying to land that dream job or just meeting with a potential client, these tips will help ensure that you'll at least leave a great first impression:

Dress to Impress

In the corporate world, the only person who can pull off sweats and t-shirts would be Mark Zuckerberg. But since you're still attempting to secure a job, you'll need to dress to impress. A suit and tie is fine for men, while ladies can opt for a blouse and skirt or pants combo. Make sure to zoom in on the details like keeping your hands and fingernails clean, while jewelry and fragrance should be kept to a minimum.

Go For The Handshake 

Be sure to reach out for that handshake when you first meet the hiring manager, even if your interviewer doesn’t offer his hand first. This is a sign of good will and part of protocol. For those with sweaty palms, be sure to keep a tissue in your pocket to wipe it off before walking into the interview.

Avoid Filler Words

During the interview, you can buy yourself some thinking time by saying “That’s a great question,” before launching into your answer. Try to avoid using filler words such as “like” or “um” as it just doesn’t look professional.

Maintain Good Posture

Try to resist the urge to slouch or hunch over while at the office or it may look as though you're not serious about getting hired. You might want to practice sitting upright beforehand in front of a mirror the day before the interview takes place.

Be Grateful

The interview isn't done until you've made it a point to thank your interviewer for taking the time to meet with you and shaking their hand. You can also say that you’re available if he has any follow-up questions. Once you've taken the time to show your gratitude, wait until you're in the hallway and out of sight to loosen those jumbled nerves.

By following these points, you'll have a better chance of getting hired. And even if you don't, it's still good practice until you finally  secure that dream job you've always wanted.