There are tons of health and fitness trackers available in the market, but how many of them are available for babies? This is the perfect tool for the helicopter mom!

Called The Owlet Baby Monitor, it is a "smart sock" developed by a student team at Brigham Young University. The winners of the Student Innovator of the Year competition at BYU, the team behind Owlet has now raised through crowdfunding more than $45,000 to develop the device.

This device could potentially eliminate SIDS, which is the number one cause of infant death.

The Owlet has censors to track heart rate, oxygen, sleep, temperature and a roll over alert. It's been tested in 30 different homes for 200 hours with spot on results. The Owlet will let parents and doctors keep track of baby vitals for years.

The device straps on to the baby's ankle and it is made of a soft silicon and spandex like fabric. It is adjustable as well.