Isa Aydin - Commercial Photographer in New York (1)

Isa Aydin is a commercial photographer based in the New York Metropolitan area, offering world-class photography services for clients across the US. 

Isa Aydin has over 20 years of experience in the field of commercial photography, having worked with many world-famous brands from industries such as beauty, cosmetics, fashion and interior design. His studio has state-of-the-art equipment that meets the latest standards in the business, and along with Isa also works a team of professional photographers that he trained personally and that use the same techniques. Isa Aydin is a professional in lighting and always strives to provide high-quality images that not only look stunning, but that also accurately reflect the products. 

Simple Ways to Do Well in Class 10 Maths

CBSE Class 10 board preparation is very important for all the students. Students often have questions in their minds that how can they prepare with all the syllabus and also complete them. Some students do fear the subject. 

Tips To Score 80% Marks In Class 12 English

English is the international language of communication. If one desires a solid position in the global workforce, one must learn it thoroughly. As a result, English plays such an important role in our schools' curricula, and it is a required subject in all board exams. 

Tips to study for class 1 Mathematics

Class 1 is a base that helps students to understand the basic concepts of addition and subtraction in maths. Generally, parents find it difficult to make their children understand the concepts of maths. Sometimes, students do not take interest in maths as they find it boring to solve too many questions. 

How to score high marks in Class 12 Home Science

The reason for Home Science is the formation of surroundings and to enable the learner to live a better-off and more persistent life, become future-ready, and build up 21st-century life skills for not just work, but also for livelihood as well as careers. 

Tips for clearing your class 10 Math Olympiad

Before embarking on a fruitful tomorrow, you must have a streamlined and well-organized today because it will help you in the future. Academic success is every serious student's dream; however, to make it a reality, it is necessary to have a road map and an unwavering schedule or a strategy in place.

10 Essential Tips for class 6 Olympiad Exam Preparation

Exam preparation for the Class 6 Olympiad can be challenging and lengthy. Suggestions to improve efficiency and have a more customised preparation experience are the need of the hour to perform well in any exam. Here are ten essential tips to ace the preparation for the olympiad exam-

Equivalent Concentration and Normality of a Solution: A Brief Guide

In chemistry, normality is one of the phrases used to explain the concentration of a solution. It is seldom related to the equivalent concentration of a solution. It is abbreviated as ''N.'' It is mainly used to determine the number of reactive species in a solution and during titration reactions and circumstances involving acid-base chemistry.

Need a Plantation Pedestrian Accident Attorney?

Pedestrians must pay careful attention to the road around them, as it is often risky to walk, especially in busy locations. No matter how careful a pedestrian is, it's possible for them to be hit by a vehicle and seriously injured or worse. Pedestrians injured in an accident do have the ability to obtain compensation from the driver if the driver was at fault for the accident, but this isn't always easy to do. That's why it's a good idea to hire a pedestrian accident attorney. 

Is Workers Comp Coverage Required in Illinois?

Starting your own business in Illinois is exciting. You have the opportunity to provide a service or product that you believe in, make some money, be your own boss, and provide opportunities to the people you will hire. However, if you are hiring people, then you must treat them like the assets they are, 

Marketing vs. Advertising: 5 Differences Students Should Know About

Looking for a fun and trendy career? A lot of students don’t have a direction even when they have already chosen their major. Any area that involves social media and interaction with clients continues to evolve even today. So, why not think about having a marketing and advertising career?

Life With Braces: Top 5 Things To Avoid

A perfect smile with clear and aligned teeth can add a few stars to not just your overall personality but to the beauty as well. Braces offer dental treatment to crooked and crowded teeth and help in teeth alignment. A person has to wear braces for a certain period of time, as suggested by the dentist.

What are the Easiest Songs to Learn to Enhance Your Banjo Skills in No Time? Here’s Your Best List

There are indeed many songs that have made their mark in the hearts of those who love the banjo, but there are some songs that are easier to learn, particularly if you’re a beginner. There’s no doubt that banjo songs are a pleasure to listen to, and what could be better than learning to play some songs yourself? But what are the easiest songs to learn to enhance your banjo skills in no time?  Here’s your best list.

Curious about liposuction? Here Are 5 FAQS to know before the procedure

If you have never had liposuction done before - or any type of cosmetic procedure - it can feel scary and daunting to know that you are about to go under general anesthesia. If you are nervous about the process leading up to the procedure, the day of the surgery, and what to expect afterwards, this is normal - most patients who are going to get a procedure done for the first time are apprehensive. However, by asking your doctor all of the necessary questions and feeling ready before going into the surgery, you can feel confident about your new body! 

How does estate planning occur for blended families?

For many successful families, challenges are maintaining and managing the assets and estates. While in managing, the single person cannot easily maintain, and there needs to take more concentration on it. To avoid unwanted issues while in the estate planning for wealthy families is not a difficult task. There pay more concentration on estate planning for wealthy families. There wants to gather the details and data about all their assets like movable and immovable things.


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Women all across the world continue to be affected by maternal deaths. It's estimated that 300,000+ mothers pass away during pregnancy or childbirth. Similarly, some 700 females succumb to childbirth-related matters every year in the United States. However, the introduction of modern-day contraceptives helped several mothers escape these complications in the 20th century. 

The Many Types Of Pens

We may not realize how many types of pens there are. We see varying types every day but also never get to see certain types.

Even though most organizations are continually moving away from paper, pens are nevertheless used every day by billions of individuals worldwide since they have become a vital element of many everyday activities.

5 Product Design Tips to Make Client be Attracted to Your Work


The creation of new products is similar to the creation of art. Imagination and vision combine to create something fresh, appealing, and daring. However, product designers face different obstacles than artists. Product designers must design with the end-user in mind. Your creations must be functional. They must be allowed into customers' homes, where they will be placed on the washbasin or in the kitchen cabinet rather than being hung on the wall.
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