2AM Changmin also leaves JYP Entertainment

Following the rest of 2AM members except Jo Kwon, Changmin also leaves JYP Entertainment.

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The main promotional poster of the upcoming romantic comedy musical 'Caffeine' has been unveiled revealing the main stage actors.  Read more
Female vocal group Melody day collaborate with 2AM Changmin in their powerful ballad track "The Very Last First".  Read more
2AM Changmin porudly shares the result of his diet for their concert in the span of three weeks.  Read more
2AM’s ChangMin and Sunny transformed into ‘Fishing Village Couple’.On March 16th, 2AM’s ChangMin tweeted through his personal Twitter account, “‘Invincible Youth’…kekekeke…Praying that 2AM’s album will be daebak (having great achievement). This is the ‘Fishing Village Couple’ shot..kekeke….Now, we are ~ going to work” and along with it, he attached a photo taken with Sunny.In the photo, ChangMin and Sunny were both posing in their respective working clothes.Netizens who saw ChangMin’s tweet and the photo gave various reactions and commented, “They’re cute~”, “They look just like uncle and niece, don’t they?”, “Girls’ Generation fighting! 2AM fighting!”, etc.Meanwhile, 2AM are in the midst of promoting their new song ‘You Are Just Like Me’.Credit: tvreport.co.kr + fanwonder.com  Read more
2AM Changmin will be featured in November issue of SURE Magazine.  Read more
It was revealed by V-News the Top 5 Korea's Handsome singer with beautiful voice is :1. SHINee Jonghyun2. JYJ Junsu3. 2AM Changmin4. Super Junior Yesung5. CNBlue Yonghwa  Read more
Group 2AM’s Chang Min talked about a ghost story in relation to JYP Entertainment’s singers injuries.

On August 1, Cable channel Mnet’s Wide E News, will air Chang Min’s ghost story.  Read more
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Homme "A Man Should Laugh (남자니까 웃는거야)" fansigning!  Read more
“In “Immortal Song 2”, if you only clung to scores, which is like only throwing fastballs, if you continuously only throw fastballs you’ll slow down and feel like you can’t be fast anymore. Even in real baseball, if you only throw fastballs, hitters will become used to it and be able to hit you. To throw breaking balls enough so that hitters can’t hit, having that kind of diversity, I want to become a singer like that.”  Read more
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