Chad Future's English cover of BIGBANG's 'Loser'

Chad Future dropped his English remix of BIGBANG's song 'Loser.'

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On November 12th, Chad Future uploaded a video on his YouTube account.  Read more
After four months, Chad Future uploaded the second episode of his online reality show 'I AM CHAD FUTURE.'  Read more
Chad Future drops his first mini album along with the MV for his track 'Got It Figured Out', a collaboration with NU'EST Aron.  Read more
Before the full MV release of Chad Future and NU'EST Aron collaborative song 'Got It Figured Out' on June 20, the boys treat you an interview clip and MV making beforehand.  Read more
On April 15th, Chad Future uploaded the teaser video of his latest collaboration song with VIXX's Ravi.  Read more
AK-Pop star rapper Chad Future will hold a free concert for all in Los Angeles, California.  Read more
Definitely, Chad Future and NU'EST's Aron figured out that the both of them should do a project together.  Read more
Chad Future entered the world of VEVO, a platform that showcases music videos of talented artists from different music agencies like Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and EMI which started in 2009.  Read more
Chad Future uploaded his cover of B.A.P’s ‘One Shot’. He sang it in English which made it more comprehensible by all.   Read more
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