Teen Top Niel Caught In An Alleged Date With The Same Girl, Again?

It's not too long since Teen Top Niel was embroiled in a dating controversy and once again, Niel is caught in an alleged date with the same girl.

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Daniel Henney & Sooyoung couple up for Vogue Korea magazine, check out the photos here  Read more
Girls' Generation Sooyoung & Daniel Henney are spotted at the Coach Fashion Show in New York, check out the photos below:

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MBK's trainee Dani impresses again with her Lachata performance, watch the fancam below:

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Dia's Cathy and Chaeyeon form a trio unit with Dani for a superb Bad Girl Good Girl performance on Produce 101, check out their performance below

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Idols parodying other celebrities is overused, well at least for Teen Top Niel.  Read more
It's no doubt that Niel and Juniel, aside from being duet buddies because of their flawless harmony, the two could also pass for a couple looks because of their fluttering chemistry.  Read more
It's been three years since we heard the flawless collaboration stage between Teen Top Niel and Juniel.  Read more
Niel is back with his repackaged album and title song 'Spring Love', a sweet lovely duet with Juniel.  Read more
Niel releases the MV teaser for his upcoming repackage track 'Spring Love' and the song is revealed to be featuring Juniel.  Read more
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