FNC Ent Suffers Consecutive Scandals With Their Two Most Popular Groups!

Source: Nate

[+2,127 -30] FNC is popular because of Yoo Jae Suk, but they were never considered a top 3 agency kk they're now merely dropping to where they belong

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Previously, we have reported that both AOA's members Jimin and Seolhyun had apologized for lacking of history knowledge. According to news, once again they made their apology during the AOA's Showcase on May 16th.  Read more
AOA Jimin and Seolhyun have come forward in response to the criticism made by netizens regarding the girls' lack of basic historical knowledge from their 'Channel AOA'  Read more
Haha when two funny friends pose together, Ailee & Jimin!  Read more
Xiumin and Jimin reveal the full MV of their new song called 'Call Me Bae', check it out below:  Read more
The MV teaser for Jimin's solo project single "Call You Bae" featuring EXO's Xiumin is so adorable!

An aesthetic and light setting tease a cute and sweet concept as we adore Xiumin waiting for Jimin to come out of the door. Jimin's sweet singing voice and aegyo image also brighten up the atmosphere while she takes Xiumin's hand before going inside together.  Read more
A new teaser image for AOA's Jimin's upcoming solo project has been released.  Read more
EXO Xiumin collaborates with AOA Jimin for her upcoming solo comeback, check out some of the BTS photos taken at the filming set below:  Read more
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