KPop Room - Shi Qi's story @ShiQisone_

Shi Qi from Singapore sent us some photos of her very own KPop room, she has quite some KPop goodies in her room and most of them are Girls' Generation related. I'm personally a fan of the Vita 500 bottles too, thanks for supporting KPop and DKP.

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Gerald Yabut from United States sent us the photos of his KPop collections!  Read more
Elly from Malaysian sent us the photos of her KPop room,she is a huge fan of Super Junior,Big Bang and TVXQ,check out her KPop room here!  Read more
Well,i guess you have seen many amazing KPop rooms of DKPOPNEWS' readers,seriously my KPop room is not as impressive as theirs,but since i promised some readers that i will show my KPop room here once we have received 10 submissions for this section,so i will just share some photos of the upgraded version of my KPop room with you guys.  Read more
Our blog's reader Antonin Vieux shared some photos of his KPop room with us.  Read more
Our friend from Singapore,Tracey sent us some photos of her KPop room,let's have a look at her amazing KPop collection.  Read more
Our blog's reader Nicky sent us some photos of her KPop room.  Read more
It has been a while since we last received submission from readers for this section.  Read more
Check out Kim Francis' KPop room,a huge fan of female groups!  Read more
First of all many thanks to Josh for featuring DKPOPNEWS on her laptop,appreciation ^ ^  Read more
We have just opened up the KPop room section this morning and i was surprised that we have received submissions from our readers already.  Read more
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