Kim Hyun Joong's Rep Claims He Would Have Done Better Than S.J.K Without The Scandal! + K-Netizens Comments

3rd of June, this afternoon in Seoul's District Court, the representative from Keyeast Ent, Mr Yang attended the court as the witness of Kim Hyun Jong, claimed that because of the lawsuit/scandal involving Kim Hyun Joong and Ms Choi, it has caused Kim Hyun Joong to suffer huge economic and financial losses for about 1 billion won. He further stated that without this scandal, Kim Hyun Joong might be doing better than Song Joong Ki in term of economic revenue.  

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Unlike the first released photo wherein the Kim Hyun Joong looked quite struggling, this time around he looks rather healthy and fine.

Who wouldn't when you are promoted as a team leader? Yes. Kim Hyun Joong is now the his squad's team leader as seen in the new photo released today. In the group photo, Kim Hyun Joong and the rest of new trainees are wearing their training uniform. The actor is wearing a nametag with description 'Trainee Leader'.  Read more
A photo of Kim Hyun Joong along with his batchmate of new recruits for 30th Division is made public.  Read more
Even Kim Hyun Joong's wax figure is really relevant.  Read more
Singer/actor Kim Hyun Joong enlists today and as what has been informed, he enters training camp quietly amidst fans' waiting without any events or public greeting.  Read more
Photos of Kim Hyun Joong inside the 30th division recruitment camp for Education corps are released by multiple media outlets.

At noon today, Kim Hyun Joong, accompanied by agency's founder actor Bae Yong Joon and his family, entered the site where he's going to begin his basic military training. As announced, Kim Hyun Joong didn't hold any public appearance or greetings beforehand although his fans have waited for him.  Read more
Kim Hyun Joong's enlistment date is confirmed to be on May 12, exactly one week from now.  Read more
Kim Hyun Joong is scheduled to enlist on the same date Sungmin, Jaejoong, and Cho Jin Hyuk are enlisting, March 31.

However, according to his agency, Key East Entertainment, he could postpone the date due to his current issues. The agency also expresses that they don't have any plans to announce whether he will go with enlistment date or not due to his situation. Kim Hyun Joong also relayed that he wanted to enlist quietly.  Read more
After the recent confirmation of her pregnancy with Kim Hyun Joong, Ms. Choi, the latter's ex-girlfriend reveals her future plans for her unborn baby and answers netizens' question about marriage.  Read more
The legal representative of Ms. Choi, ex-girlfriend of Kim Hyun Joong, has come forward today to confirm that she is indeed pregnant of Kim Hyun Joong's baby.  Read more
Kim Hyun Joong's agency Keyeast releases a more detailed statement regarding the news of the actor/singer reconciliation with pregnant ex-girlfriend.  Read more
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