TenAsia releases the individual behind the cut pictorial of Seventeen's hip hop team S.coups, Vernon, Mingyu and Wonwoo.  Read more
Upon receiving two 'Rookie of the Year' awards, Seventeen continue to gain attention and their fans are rising in numbers steadily.

The 13 member-group is featured in Tenasia Magazine's February Issue and the influx of fans who want to get themselves a copy results to the shortage of the issue's production.  Read more
The adorable child actor Yeo Jin Goo has grown up to be a very hot guy in his twenties.

The actor is turning 20 years old on his birthday in August and to commemorate his coming of age, Yeo Jin Goo exposes his abs for the very first time in "Eastern Trends" magazine for its February issue.  Read more
On May 26th, female magazine ‘Women Sense’ released a picture of Yoo Jae Suk's wife, Na Kyung-Eun and their son, Yoo Ji-Ho taken on May 5th, the children’s day.  Read more
On April 21st. CeCi magazine reveal new pictorials featuring Apink members with sporty and lovely look.  Read more
Recently, Sistar's Dasom has a magazine photoshoot with Star1 magazine and talked about her ideal type.

In an interview with the magazine, she said, “I like a guy who is obsessed with me. My ideal type is a tough guy. However, I always fall for guys who are innocent and have no dating experience.”   Read more
Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon showed off her chic look on the cover of Hong Kong fashion magazine, 'Me'.  Read more
Girl's Day Sojin was featured in fashion magazine SURE's april issue.  Read more
On March 13, CeCi magazine released the covers for upcoming issue featuring Girls' Generation member Yoona.  Read more
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