Moon Geun Young confirmed for new SBS drama 'The Village - Achiara's Secret'

Moon Geun Young will be making her return to the big screen after 2 years in an upcoming SBS drama.

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Moon Geun Young has impressed many people with her mature charm in the latest photoshoot for Marie Clarie. Today on May 11th, Namoo Actors unveiled some behind the scene cuts from the photoshoot through its official Facebook.  Read more
The new celebrity couple Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum, who just admitted their romantic relationship, were recently spotted in Europe.

The two officially acknowledged their relationship on November 1, and reportedly went on a trip to Europe together after the end of their MBC drama ‘Goddess of Fire, Jeongi’. Paparazzi photos confirmed their vacation as Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum were spotted at the streets of Prague in Czech Republic.  Read more
Actress Moon Geun Young was revealed to have suffered an eye injury while filming MBC drama ‘Goddess of Fire, Jung Yi’.  Read more
With her busy filming schedule, actress Moon Geun Young fights against the murderously hot weather with some ice.

On August 18th, the production team of MBC drama ‘Goddess Of Fire’ revealed a photo of Moon Geun Young fighting against the hot weather by cooling herself with some ice packs on her face. Her cute and adorable looks also captured the eyes of the public.  Read more
Actress Moon Geun Young expressed her gratitude to fans by releasing a special video message.  Read more
Preparing to give everyone another great drama, Moon Geun Young and Park Gun Hyung took pottery classes for their upcoming MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama, ‘Goddess of Fire Jeongi’.  Read more
Actor Kim Bum has been cast in a new drama with Moon Geun Young.

On May 6th, King Kong Entertainment announced that Kim Bum will be joining the new MBC Monday/Tuesday drama, ‘Goddess of Fire, Jeongi’. He will take on the role of an innocent lover who would even put out his life for the woman he loves.  Read more
Actress Moon Geun Young displayed her skills in making pottery.

On April 16th, NAMU Actors revealed a couple of photos of the actress through its official Twitter and wrote “She almost looks like a professional! Actress Moon Geun Young learning how to make pottery! Please show a lot of love for her next drama.”  Read more
Actress Moon Geun Young will return to the small screen in July in an upcoming periodic drama.  Read more
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