[Old Song] Highly recommended,Kim Ah Joong's Star!

I am in love with this song.

Kim Ah Joong's Star is the OST song of drama 200 Pounds Beauty,i did not watch the drama but discovered this song when i surfed for some TaeYeon's singing cuts to watch on Youtube.TaeYeon covered this song too,a pretty soothing but sad song.

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I just came across this song on Astro Hitz a while ago.  Read more
Discovered this song last week when Rainbow performed this song LIVE on Music Bank Christmas Special.  Read more
Well,this song is old,but not too old,but still some new KPop fans do not know the existence of this song.

Still one of my favourites till recently,please make sure you listen to the song here,nice song!  Read more
Hi everyone,the weather is fine today but i do not have the mood for an outing,so i wanna introduce an old song to you.

It is a great song for you to listen to if you just want some refreshing music while lying on the bed.This song is pretty popular back then as it is the OST song for popular drama Full House,check out the MV of the song here,bring back some sweet memories right?  Read more
Dear KPOP readers,it's time for me to share another fantastic old song with you guys.  Read more
It's time for me to share an old kpop song with you guys.  Read more
This song has become one of my favourites d,discovered this song when 2AM sang it on SBS Chocolate aired 3 days ago.

Quite a touching song,listen and share it with you friends now!  Read more
Fin Kl used to be one of the most popular kpop female groups besides S.E.S and V.O.X back in the late 90s and early 20s.

For today's old song section,i wanna recommend this song to you guys.Confession of a girl for her boyfriend,check out the song here,KARA and t-ara also performed this song LIVE last year ,check out the videos here ^ ^  Read more
My school's friend mentioned about this song to me yesterday and i think i should share it with you guys here.

It is such an old song by popular brother groups DBSK and Super Junir,18 in 1 for this song.If you have not heard this song,i guess it is still not too late.  Read more
I watched Dream Team on KBS World earlier today and came across this song when Jinon imitated Kwon Sang Woo's version of "I Miss You" on the show.  Read more
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