Netizens Discuss About The Recent Photo Of Minzy And Park Jae Bom!

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[+1269 -46] I hope they do well. Even though Minzy got out of YG, I still follow her

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Earlier today, Jay Park releases a summer song titled 'Nana' which features Loco. Netizens are intrigued regarding the title choice of the song and have been asking if this has something to do with After School's Nana.  Read more
Jay Park in counting down to his new single release 'Metronome' featuring his good friends Simon Dominic and Gray.  Read more
On March 2, Jay Park posted on his twitter and instagram three hilarious pictures. One as a teenager with an orange hair ,the other is an old man and the last is a rocker.  Read more
Australian agency filed a lawsuit against former 2PM member Jay Park, for one sided cancellation of his scheduled performance.

The agency stated, "Former 2PM member, Jay Park, cancelled his concert that caused damage to us."  Read more
When the background music in the studio stopped for a moment, he started to sing. Even in the short time it took to change the lights, instead of just standing there and waiting, he danced. Jay Park stated, “I should practice properly, but I think I’m enjoying it too much.” This might be the reason why it was hard to imagine him away from the stage for good, although it’s been 1 year and 6 months since he stepped off the fancy stage all at once. He defined himself as “singing-rapper-bboy” in his very first solo mini album Take A Deeper Look. We’ve met Jay Park, the person that we knew, or the person that we didn’t know.  Read more
Former leader of 2PM, Park Jaebeom or well known as Jay Park, makes his long-awaited return on today's episode of Inkigayo. For his comeback, he has recently released his first mini-album entitled "Take A Deeper Look" and the album has been selling off well both online and offline. Today, he performed "Abandoned" for his comeback stage on Inkigayo. Check it out below.  Read more
Jay Park shared a new photo with caption "Sneak Peel" on his official Twitter account.  Read more
[OSEN = Choi NaYoung reporter] Singer Jay Park who withdrew from the group, 2PM and had several conflicts involved, has loosen that conflict and begin to spread the wing for the next activity.   Read more
IHQ Jung Hoon Tak representative has sparked a cussing controversy by being known as having poured biting swear words at 2PM's company, JYPE representative Park Jin Young.  Read more
Singer Jay Park on Wednesday showed his support for the Korean team departing for China's 2010 Guangzhou Asian Para Games in China.  Read more
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