SM Ent's Next 'Main' Girl Group?! + K-netizens Reactions

From left to the right Koeun, Lami, Heena, HerinBased on some unconfirmed sources and rumors, the next SM Ent girl group is said to be debuted in 2019. Pann OP asks the opinion from its readers, and questions about their future popularity when comparing to Twice!

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SM Entertainment got something up their sleeves and the next SM big star is up to you!

After announcing "NCT" recently, SM Entertainment is now giving fans the power to choose and produce the SMRookies they want to debut with the concept "The Star I Made" through the first ever social producing.  Read more
SM Entertainment gifts fans with three special videos for 'Winter Garden' project.  Read more
SM Entertainment announces 'Winter Garden' as this year's winter project single.  Read more
SM Entertainment is likely to debut their next boy group next year.  Read more
SM Entertainment has just announced that SNSD Taeyeon is the second artist to have a solo concert for their concert brand series "THE AGIT".  Read more
Super Junior's Kibum has officially announced that he's no longer a part of SM Entertainment.  Read more
Former Girls' Generation's Jessica and SM Entertainment have officially parted ways.  Read more
Fans are anxious upon seeing EXO member D.O arriving from Japan at Gimpo airport on a wheelchair.  Read more
Victoria has officially spoken up against her recent departure rumours from f(x).  Read more
On June 6th, SM Entertainment dropped a video on their YouTube channel revealing an unreleased clip from 'Love Me Right' featuring Chanyeol, Kai and Sehun.  Read more
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