Sooyoung flaunts her slim body on Ceci magazine

On January 22, fashion magazine Ceci released new pictorials for upcoming edition featuring SNSD's Sooyoung.

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On August 3rd, actor Jung Kyung Ho made a guest appearance on MBC's "Section TV" and mentioned his lover, SNSD Sooyoung. 

In the program, Jung Kyung Ho was embarrassed revealing that he named his puppy ‘Ho Young’,  which is combined from the names "Jung Kyung Ho" and "Sooyoung".   Read more
Stage Name: SooYoung (수영)Real Name: Choi SooYoung (최수영)Japanese name: Che Suyon.Position: Lead Vocals, Main DancerBirth date: February 10, 1990Birth place: Seoul, South KoreaHeight: 171cmWeight: 49kgBlood Type: OReligion: ChristianLanguage/s: Korean (fluent), Japanese (fluent), English (conversational)Sibling/s: SooJin (older sister)Years Active: 2002 – presentSchool: ChungAng University (Performing Arts and Theater – 2009)Facts:- She doesn’t call her unnis “unni”.- Jessica gave her the English name “Summer”.- One of her pastimes include discovering new facial expressions when she faces the mirror without any make-up.- Nicknamed Cheerful Princess because of her charming personality. She is considered one the friendliest members in the group.- A TRAX member taught her how to play the drums while Sungmin taught her how to play the guitar.- She was part of the Jeong Shin Female High School choir back in her high school days.- Aside from ShikShin, the girls also gave Sooyoung the nickname NaSoo which means interrupter.- She is close friends with Lee Yeonhee. Their friendship started way back their pre-debut days when they auditioned for the Korea-Japan Idol Casting. They were reunited after many years for the movie Soonjung Manhwa.- She was given the title “Kim Yuna of the Entertainment Industry”.- If she wasn’t in SoShi, SooYoung said that she would have been a designer.- She sang the opening song ‘I Am’ for the Korean version of the anime InuYasha.  Read more
SNSD Sooyoung leaves cute selcas on their official site on September 8 and wrote, "ddu ddu ddu ru ddu ddu~ in galaxy galaxy oh!! Everyone~Have fun with our new song and be ready for exciting move~"  Read more
SNSD Sooyoung left a short message on their official website and wrote, "See you in a bit SONE ^-^♥". She attached two selcas of her dressed in a cute black one piece dress. She looks petite and blooming in her mirror-shot selcas.  Read more
SNSD's Sooyoung updates fans with her latest photo as she wrote,

"LOVE&GIRLS" was released on Wednesday, we danced the shampoo dance with fans at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN♪, it was really fun. Despite of raining that day, fans came and we had a happy time. Please listen a lot to lively '"LOVE&GIRLS" which is enjoyable anytime, anywhere~★".  Read more
Choi Sooyoung is currently filming for the the tvN’s TV adaptation of the movie “Dating Agency: Cyrano”. To her surprise, her supporters visited the set with a food truck with seolleongtang (a type of soup) and refreshing coffee that could feed 100 people. Choi Sooyoung showed appreciation through giving autographs to fans who personally came to the set and taking photos with them.The first episode of “Dating Agency: Cyrano” is going to air on May 27 at 11:00PM KST on tvN.written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.netSOURCE: naver  Read more
tvN's 16-episode drama reveals the official still cuts featuring SNSD's Sooyoung.

This prequel to the original original ‘Cyrano: Dating Agency’ movie will feature cast such as Lee Jong Hyuk, Hong Jong Hyun, Cho Yoon Woon, Lee Chun Hee and Girls Generation’s Sooyoung. The drama is scheduled to premiere on May 27.  Read more
Sooyoung updates Girls Generation's official website with her new set of selcas. She looks blooming wearing her sweetest smile. She's very pretty in her long wavy hair. She wrote, " Seeing you for the first time in a while..was a bit nice..?♥"  Read more
TvN's upcoming drama 'Dating Agency: Cyrano’ releases its first trailer. SNSD's Sooyoung has been cast in the drama as Gong Minyoung.

The drama is about a dating agency which helps people with love problems. The cast have recently started filming. The drama will air its first episode on May 27 every Mondays & Tuesdays at 11:00.  Read more
On April 19, staff left a message on SNSD's official website and attached a beautiful fairy-like set of Sooyoung's selcas.  Read more
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