Shinhwa's Eric and Seo Hyun Jin have been confirmed to star as leads in upcoming tvN drama 'Again Oh Hae Young'(working title).  Read more
tvN's 'Let's Eat 2' has released some of the photos from the first script reading.  Read more
B2ST's Doojoon will make his on screen return in the second season of tvN's 'Let's Eat 2'.

'Let's Eat 2' will focus on the story of Goo Dae Young(Doojoon) and his new neighbors after he moved to the city of Sejong.  Read more
Gu Hye-sun’s feature directorial debut, Magic, is now a week from its release, and the following is an interview from Movieweek featuring both her and her star, actress friend Seo Hyun-jin (who, by the way, was also featured in Gu’s short film The Madonna).The movie takes place at an arts high school and is set in the world of music; Seo and the two lead actors (Kim Jung-wook and Im Ji-kyu) play students and musicians. Gu explains that she got the idea for the movie two years ago, when she went to a concert by cellist Song Young-hoon. She’d always wanted to do a music-themed movie and the lead character was originally a guitarist, but she changed that to a cellist after seeing the performance.Gu’s next acting role will be as an aspiring musical actress in The Musical. Her next project behind the camera is a “vampire romance,” a film project she is currently writing and will direct. Magic opens on June 24.I’ve seen a few reviews of Magic in the Korean press and the verdict is… mixed. They tend to praise the film’s visual quality but not so much the writing. Here’s a review in English from The Korea Times for the curious.Now on to the Movieweek interview:Director Gu Hye-sun & Seo Hyun-jin: “We get along really well”You worked together on the short film The Madonna. Did you become good friends then?Gu Hye-sun: “We were good friends before we started working together on it.”Seo Hyun-jin: “We had friends in common, so as we all met together, we became friendly.”Then somewhere along the line, you ditched the others and became friends?Seo: “That’s right. [Laughs]”Gu: “When we’re going through difficulties, we talk together.”  Read more
Twenty-five-year-old actress Gu Hye-sun is at work on her new film Magic [요술] , and has cast her female lead: Seo Hyun-jin, a former pop singer turned actress.  Read more
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