Teen Top Niel Caught In An Alleged Date With The Same Girl, Again?

It's not too long since Teen Top Niel was embroiled in a dating controversy and once again, Niel is caught in an alleged date with the same girl.

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Real Name: Kim Sang GyunStage Name: A-TomBirthday: 23-05-1995Position: RapperHeight: 179 cmWeight: 64 kg  Read more
There's only one reason to publicize your passport photo, and that is - if you look good on it.  Read more
A video of Big Bang's TOP littering a cigarette butt from a car window has become viral in China and netizens are criticizing him for such unpleasant behavior.  Read more
What's more fun than having the artists themselves react to their own music video?

Teen Top sit down together to watch themselves on their music video for "Warning Sign" They boys did not just giggle and cringe to their own scenes but make hilarious and revealing comments as they react to their music video.  Read more
Teen Top are among the firsts to greet their fans a happy Lunar New Year.  Read more
Teen Top boys look charming in the BTS video of Ceci, check them out below:  Read more
Teen Top's Ricky thinks the recent signed CD he receives from a sunbae today is very special.

On his Instagram account, Teen Top's pure maknae shares to his fans that for the first time, he has received a signed CD with his name written on it from his beloved sunbae and hyung Ryeowook of Super Junior.  Read more
Teen Top who are having blast for their successful comeback with "Warning Sign" are the monthly idol for CECI's February issue.  Read more
Teen Top reveal dance practice video of their latest hit song 'Warning Sign', check out the video below:  Read more
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