BEAST Junhyung is flaming hot for WKorea

Beast Junhyung is going to be featured on WKorea's July issue and the art film for his pictorial is released.

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Cube's Hong Seung-sung releases a preview photo from B2ST's Junhyung 'Flower' MV. He wrote on his twitter account, "Oh flower you are so sweet so sweet so sweet so sweet."  Read more
Counting down to his solo debut, talented BEAST member Yong Junhyung is busy practicing by his own diligently.  Read more
After revealing the tracklist for his debut mini album 'Flower', Yong Junhyung reveals the jacket photo today.  Read more
Producer-idol and talented musician Yong JunHyung from BEAST is going to make his solo debut as singer-composer. He has been known as a talented composer at a very young age of 25.  Read more
MONSTAR's Kang Haneul thinks that BEAST's Yong Junhyung is a work of art.

Kang Haneul and Yong Junhyun are casts in 'Monstar'. Haneul feels like he is meeting his friends when going to film the drama. Haneul talked about his co-star Junhyung, he said "Junhyung is a piece of art, he is really good at acting. I thought he was snob and hard to approach because of his popularity but I was wrong, he approached me first and I was really happy."  Read more
The hitmaker producer Brave Brothers is planning another surprise coming in later this February.  Read more
B2ST’s Yong Junhyung will be making his small screen debut through upcoming Mnet’s music drama ‘Monstar’.

The drama, which is set to air starting in April, is a music drama portraying the story of the growth of a high school rock band members, and their efforts to debut and become superstars. Junhyung will appear as Yoon Seol Chan, the main vocalist of the group, who has a very cold and cynical personality.  Read more
Idol Group, BEAST’s Junhyung is selected by the members as the member who has the most female idol friends.

On the 27th, on SBS’s Radio Broadcast, “Boom’s Young Street” 2nd part, BEAST appeared on the show.  Read more
Baek Ji Young’s Introduction of ‘Good Boy’

For the MV this time round, it was a meaningful music video because BEAST Jun Hyung who participated in the featuring of the song was able to make an appearance as well. Even though the filming lasted overnight, everyone was working so hard, and without anyone of us knowing, time flew by as we filmed.  Read more
BEAST Yong JunHyung shows his unique friendship with choreographer Ha WooShin.Ha WooShin leads a team of performance dance team, named Prepix, and Junhyung has participated in the featuring of their new song, “What I See”.On the 16th, Prepix revealed a promotion teaser video via Youtube and (various) online video sites and he hopes that it will receive attention from the public.In this video, Shortyface, who won in world’s BBoy competition, brought about a magical B-boying dance moves when look through a pair of magical glasses. His acting as a mother further makes it more humorous.Netizens who saw the video commented, “Totally more than what I’ve expected”, “Full version (of the MV) needs to be released earlier”, “Just looking at the teaser, and I’m filled with anticipation” along with other welcoming responses.Meanwhile, Prepix will be releasing the full version of “What I See” MV along with its music source on the 24th.  Read more
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